Where is the Elden Ring Colosseum? - How to start the DLC

Three players walking towards the new Elden Ring Colosseum
Credit: Youtube

Three players walking towards the new Elden Ring Colosseum
Credit: Youtube

With FromSoftware releasing the latest update for Elden Ring on December 7, it doesn’t leave an awful lot of time for players to prepare for it. The trailer has also left little ambiguity about what to expect from the update; the doors to the Colosseums are finally opening, but there is nothing friendly to be found within them. We'll guide you through the Elden Ring Colosseum locations to help you start the DLC.

These new areas will bring with them a new PvP feature, in teams of either 1v1, 2v2 or even 3v3. There are game mechanics like summoning spirits, cooperative features between groups and the opportunity to finally have that epic battle between your friends. Fans have been asking for this chance since the release of the game earlier this year, and it looks like they’re finally going to get it as a Christmas miracle.

However, the Colosseums that will be available to players will depend on how far through Elden Ring you are. There are three Colosseums on the map, and it is unclear whether these will offer exclusive gameplay options.

Where is the Elden Ring Colosseum? - How to start the DLC

A map detailing where the different Colosseums are in Elden Ring.
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These previously sealed off areas are about to see a lot of action.

The Elden Ring Colosseum DLC will be available once you enter one of these new areas. It’s unsure what to expect once in there, but there will likely be a summoning feature like those found in the Dark Souls series.

  • North Limgrave Colosseum: This is the first Colosseum you are likely to come across. It is by the bridge that leads to the first Elden Ring Divine Tower location. You need to take the route underneath the bridge and head North, where the Colosseum will be ahead of you.
  • North Caelid Colosseum: Firstly, you need to travel up to the surface through the Deep Siofra Well, then keep going North past the Giant Archer Golems. Once you reach the coast, you should be able to see the Colosseum.
  • Royal Capital, Leyndell Colosseum: The last Colosseum that players will encounter. You will need to have beaten the Draconic Tree Sentinel boss and gained access to the Royal Capital City of Leyndell. The Colosseum can be found by taking the tree roots and climbing the stairs to head up towards the cliff past the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace. However, if the city's layout has changed, you can simply walk up this slope.

As we spend more time with the new Elden Ring Colosseum DLC, we'll add any more relevant details.

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