Elden Ring players discuss their favourite unexpectedly useful items

Some unexpectedly useful items in Elden ring.

Some unexpectedly useful items in Elden ring.

When they’re not dreaming about a Netflix show set in the Lands Between, worrying about getting horse armour as DLC, or debating how crimson tears might actually taste, Elden Ring players can take their game of choice pretty seriously.

After all, if you’ve spent so much time battling bosses that you’re willing to try and beat them with a drawing pad or while only using one hand, you must be pretty dedicated to your craft.

However, if you’re someone who lacks the kind of expert combat skills shown off by hardened players in these kinds of duels, a recent Reddit thread might be of assistance.

Which items have unexpectedly proven invaluable to your Elden Ring playthroughs?

The thread in question on the subreddit r/eldenring began with a post from user omotohoshiro, who kicked things off by asking: “What’s the most unexpectedly useful item in your opinion?” They also added their own suggestion, saying: “For those who don’t know, if equipped in your inventory, the pureblood knight's medal can teleport you to the audience grounds at any time. I’m talking in dungeons, boss fights, anything.”

Their fellow tarnished were quick to offer a wide array of alternative suggestions, with a few focusing in on items that can be invaluable when it comes to besting bosses, such as user Dvoraxx, who shouted out throwing knives and fan daggers for helping them to defeat The Elden Beast by breaking its posture.

Similarly, user Xcylo1 shared: “Freezing pots. Not sure if they still work on Malenia but when I was playing they were a lifesaver. Never had to actually deal with waterfowl dance.”, leading dmantisk to reveal: “It still works, but you have to throw it the moment she jumps up.”

On the other hand, some users focused their suggestions on avoiding getting too bogged down by the game’s litany of lesser foes, with raven70 pointing out the massive range of foes affected by the beast-repellent torch.

Meanwhile, a few users simply championed hygiene as an underrated tool in the Lands Between, with HyperMushrambo revealing that their mimic tear had convinced them to try out perfumes and ltBurnsWhenlPvP simply opting for: “Soap.” as their pick.

Regardless of whether your Elden Ring character is just discovering the wonders of a good wash, make sure to follow us for coverage of some great Elden Ring mods.

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