Elden Ring players are debating what crimson tears might actually taste like

A flask of crimson tears in Elden Ring.

A flask of crimson tears in Elden Ring.

When they’re not dreaming about a Netflix show set in the Lands Between, worrying about getting horse armour as DLC, or debating the morality of war crimes, Elden Ring players can be a pretty light-hearted bunch.

After all, when you spend lots of time being mercilessly slaughtered by bosses you’re randomly trying to beat with a drawing pad or while only using one hand, a good sense of humour goes a long way.

Sometimes this manifests in the guise of a discussion about which enemies you could beat up in real life, a controversial hat tier list, or even a Thomas the Tank Engine-themed mod, but recently, it’s been taking the form of an intense debate over how the game’s crimson tears actually taste.

What kind of flavours do you think your Tarnished is enjoying whenever they take a swing from their flask?

This important discourse is the subject of a now-removed thread on the subreddit r/eldenring, which began with a post from user bag_of_worms_nuts, who kicked off the action by posting an image of a flask of crimson tears and asking: “What does this taste like?”

Their fellow tarnished were quick to charge in with an array of zany suggestions from the real world, with user Datguy014 declaring: “Everyone knows it is just Sunny D.”, Red_Crystal_Lizard nominating: “The cherry syrup Waffle House flavours their drinks with.” and Robin-KC going for: “(Warm) red Gatorade."

Others concluded that the taste would be a little more abstract or elusive, with user _DoratheExplora opting for the flavour of: “Water at 1 AM.”, while ReaperSMT mused: “It tastes like red. Not strawberry, not cherry, red. Like how grape soda tastes like purple.”

On the other hand, a few were more realistic in their guesses, with user hankfu141 nominating: “Salty iron/rust” and Fluffidios pointing out: “You can refill them with a dung beetle’s (poo) ball. So not very good.”

A screenshot of the Reddit thread.
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Thankfully, user Goldenace131 provided a more palatable idea for hardcore roleplayers, saying: “(My) headcanon is that it’s like the nectar from Percy Jackson books. Where it tastes like your favourite food regardless of what it is. So if you loved chocolate chip cookies then that's what it would taste like.”

Regardless of what would be waiting in your flasks if this was the case, make sure to follow us for coverage of some great Elden Ring mods.

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