Elden Ring player’s hat tier list creates some minor controversies

An image of some hats in Elden Ring.

An image of some hats in Elden Ring.

When you think about the typical Elden Ring player, you probably picture a hardened connoisseur of frustration who’s down for a terrifyingly difficult time that’ll see the words ‘You died’ be splashed across the screen with regularity.

Then again, not all players take the game this seriously, with many simply enjoying reading the many humorous messages and tips it’s spawned or watching someone else either try to best Malenia with one hand or dress their child up as Radahn.

The player behind a recent Reddit thread is seemingly one of these less sombre fans, having decided to put together a ranking of all of the game’s hats. Unfortunately for them, it seems that many of their Elden Ring brethren take fashion very seriously.

Do you agree with this ranking of Elden Ring’s hats?

The thread in question on the subreddit r/eldenring began with a post by the aforementioned player, user Wemetintheair, who shared their tier list, which seemingly used the size of the hat and whether it has “stupid hair attached” as its primary judgement criteria.

Their fellow tarnished were quick to point out a few glaring omissions from the list, with Modfull_X saying: “You’re missing the Banished Knight unaltered and altered helmets.”, prompting Wemetintheair to reply that they’d been forced to leave a couple out due to an image limit, adding: “Chances are they (belong in the) ‘Just Right’ (category).”

Also on hand to provide some minor criticism were several big hat advocates, who declared their opposition to the notion that headgear can be too large, leading Wemetintheair to have to clarify: “I would never ask anyone to remove their hat. Be secure in your large hatness.”

Another group not best pleased were those who don’t mind their hats coming with some hair attached, with user EverydayEnthusiast declaring: “(Wemetintheair’s) opinion is bad and they should feel bad!”, prompting the lister to pop up again and say: “It’s okay to like the stupid hair hats!”

Meanwhile, some users simply took the opportunity to vent their hat-based frustrations, with hoorgu lamenting: “I will never accept the fact that Godfrey's crown has his goddamn hair attached. WHY?”

Regardless of how you feel about hairy hats, make sure to follow us for more coverage of some amazing Elden Ring and Skyrim mods.

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