Elden Ring streamer and modder turn title into a horror game

An image of a survival horror-esque blizzard in Elden Ring.

An image of a survival horror-esque blizzard in Elden Ring.

For many of the connoisseurs of frustration that roam the plains of Elden Ring, having a terrifyingly difficult time is all just part of the experience.

After all, when you’re trying to mow through the pesky bosses while only using one hand, things can get pretty tricky, especially if you haven’t bothered to rebalance the game.

However, even if you’re in this position, events in Elden Ring rarely get truly scary in the conventional sense. That is, unless you’re using the same mod as a Twitch streamer who’s decided to play Elden Ring as a horror game.

Will you be playing this mod once it becomes available?

The streamer in question is LilAggy, whose previous Elden Ring runs have included mods that randomise the game’s items and triple the number of enemies, including bosses, that you’re taking on at once.

However, this time they’ve managed, with the help of modder Matt Gruen, to transform Elden Ring into the ultimate horror game via a mod which expands the blizzard found in the Consecrated Snowfield to the whole map and randomises enemies in order to keep you on your toes.

As you can see in the clip below, this makes for a pretty stressful experience, especially if you opt to turn off the game's HUD:

Sadly, if after watching that you’re desperate to try the mod out for yourself, you might have to wait a little while, as it isn’t available to the public quite yet, though LilAggy suggests that they’ll post it below the clip when it is.

Alternatively, you can just keep an eye on Nexus Mods, where you might also find some other mods that’ll ensure your horror playthrough isn’t so scary that you end up with nightmares.

For example, modder syyyke’s ‘Level For Free’ might be a shrewd grab for those who don’t feel confident that they’ll last if the randomiser chooses to spawn an endgame boss right off the bat.

Or, if you feel like taking on a powerful guise in order to conquer the evils that lurk in the gloom, grabbing a superhero-themed outfit might be a good idea.

Regardless of how you plan to deal with the chilling terror of horror-ified Elden Ring, make sure to follow us for more updates on the wacky worlds of Skyrim, and Fallout modding.

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