Elden Ring Modder Adds Battle Arena to the Lands Between

A promo screenshot for Elden Ring.

A promo screenshot for Elden Ring.

Ever find yourself playing a FromSoftware game like Dark Souls or Elden Ring and thinking that not enough of your in-game time is being spent relentlessly fighting all manner of foes?

Probably not, but on the off chance that you fancy switching the traditional formula up a little bit, a new mod could provide exactly what you’re looking for.

You see, if you take that formula of fighting increasingly challenging foes until someone comes out on top and relocate it to a more confined space that neither of you can leave, you get an arcade-style battle arena which is guaranteed to test your limits.

New Mod Offers a More Arcade-Style Elden Ring Fighting Experience

The mod that adds this colosseum of chaos into the game is called “Arcade Arena” and is the work of modder Hotbite, who has seemingly designed it for players seeking to challenge their mettle in a fresh way.

These would-be grand champions of the battle zone are tasked with entering it via some mist located adjacent to a wall, which they’ll find near The First Step, which is a Site of Lost Grace found just outside the Stranded Graveyard.

Once teleported inside the arena, ten consecutive rounds of action await you, so make sure to prepare thoroughly, especially if you’re playing with mods that make the game a little more difficult, such as survival mode.

Luckily, there is a mechanic set up to take place in the interim between each fight that will provide you with a little bit of respite, with it automatically restoring your stats as soon as you down each foe, just to keep things fair.

You’ll probably need this too, as things get harder the higher you ascend up the tree of adversaries, as you’d expect in any decent FromSoftware game mod.

As with most Elden Ring mods, you’ll also need to grab Mod Engine 2 in order to get things to work as they should, copying the mod’s files into the folder labelled ‘Mod’ that the engine provides.

For an extra surreal experience, you could also try playing through the area as one of the many characters from other games added to Elden Ring by mods since its release, with Duke Nukem being a recent arrival in the Lands Between.

So, dust off your appetite for combat, ready your weapon of choice, and brace yourself to dive head first into the life of an Elden Ring gladiator.

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