Elden Ring players reveal the funniest messages they’ve read in the game

An image of a message in Elden Ring.

An image of a message in Elden Ring.

For many of the connoisseurs of frustration that roam the plains of Elden Ring, having a terrifyingly difficult time is all just part of the experience.

After all, when you’re trying to mow through pesky bosses, things can get pretty tricky, especially if you haven’t bothered to rebalance the game.

That said, one of the great things about Elden Ring is that no matter how hard your struggle to survive gets, there’s always a chance you’ll run into a message from another player that’ll make your day.

What’s the weirdest message another Elden Ring player has left for you?

Such correspondence is the subject of a recent threat in the subreddit r/eldenring, which began with a post from user TheEldenCasual, who shared an image of an in-game message saying ‘try monarch’ and asked: “What’s your favourite message?”

Their fellow Elden ringers were quick to throw in a barrage of suggestions, some of which can be found near specific NPCs or battles, with user PuddleOfMud saying: “(One) next to Millicent (said) ‘Behold, arms! Ah, but you don't have the right…’ and Khomuna nominating: “(One) before the Mimic Tear fight (that said): ‘Weak foe ahead therefore I have failed’.”

Others pinpointed messages that were references to games or films, with user BecretAlbatross opting for: “The Lord of the Rings references in Volcano manor at the part where you're at the lava cliff.” and Lekonua suggesting: “(One) in the tutorial cave where you learn about moving stealthily in tall grass (saying) ‘Snake? Snake!’”

Some users went for messages containing absurdist humour, with turtleboi42069 deciding on: “(One) on top of a coffin (saying) ‘Skeleton…, house!’” and Treebeardsama going for one asking the universal question: “why is it always mushrooms?”

Meanwhile, user wexman6 chose one with sentimental significance, saying: “I played Elden Ring on its release day. I made my character and hopped into the game. (The) first sign I saw, which I thought was a Tutorial message, simply said: ‘Time for Elden Ring.’”

Regardless of which messages from Elden Ring have etched themselves into your brain, make sure to follow us for coverage of some mods that might help you make it through the likes of Elden Ring using only one hand.

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