Elden Ring loving child dresses as Radahn to win costume contest

An image of Elden Ring's Radahn.

An image of Elden Ring's Radahn.

When you think about the typical Elden Ring player, you probably picture a hardened connoisseur of frustration who’s down for a terrifyingly difficult time that’ll see the words ‘You died’ be splashed across the screen with regularity.

Then again, not all players are like this, with many putting up with the boss battles so they can enjoy the levity of the many humorous messages and tips etched into the landscape or the challenge of watching someone try to best Malenia with one hand.

However, a recent Reddit thread centres around someone whose love of the game is even purer than that, with a child having dressed up as one of the game’s big baddies to win a costume competition.

Are you considering going trick or treating in the guise of an Elden Ring boss?

The thread in question on the subreddit r/eldenring began with a post from one of the kid’s parents, user Minter_moon, who shared an image of him all dressed up and explained: “My husband made his costume based off of the character armour set (slightly different from the boss armour).”

They went into a bit more detail on the costume’s origin in a separate comment, saying: “He watched my husband and I play it when it first came out and shortly after wanted to make his own character. I figured it would be too hard for him but he was determined as hell to Git Gud™️ and he really did!”

Naturally, the other git gudders in the thread were pretty impressed by the kid’s dedication to the game, with user Epicmonk117 saying: “Words cannot describe how awesome and adorable this is.” and Stomatita joking: “He has won the festival.”

Meanwhile, a few suggested a killer addition that could take the costume to the next level, with user rezmeihaveghorn declaring: “Now get him a horse named Leonard.” and sonderlostscribe adding: “Just use a mini-greyhound, should be the right shape for good ol' Leonard.”

Meanwhile, another user pointed out that the costume might have one other downside, joking: “Yeah, (it’s) all fun and games until he comes flying down at you from the top of the stairs.”

Regardless of whether you live in fear of being ambushed by your offspring, make sure to follow us for coverage of some amazing Elden Ring and Skyrim mods.

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