Elden Ring modder turns Flying Dragon Agheel into Thomas the Tank Engine

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Thomas the Tank Engine in Elden Ring.

When they’re not trying to complete seemingly impossible runs through the game or raging at their own mimic tears, Elden Ring players can be a pretty light-hearted bunch.

After all, when you spend lots of time being mercilessly slaughtered by bosses you’re randomly trying to beat with a drawing pad or while only using one hand, a good sense of humour goes a long way.

Sometimes this manifests in the form of an amusing message, or hat tier list, though, for those with the skills to mod the game, the comedic creations can be even more hilarious.

Are you looking forward to fighting Elden Ring’s most terrifying boss?

One new mod which definitely proves this to be true is called ‘Fire-Breathing Thomas the Tank Engine’ and is the work of modder rainergeis, who has a bit of form with amusing mods, having previously put all of the game’s text in comic sans and forced Margit to fart while attacking.

This time they’ve brought the surreal chaos of Skyrim’s classic and rather infamous Thomas the Tank Engine mod to the Land Between.

Much like that mod, this one also turns a dragon into everyone’s favourite anthropomorphic piece of rail transport, though since Elden Ring’s flying lizard population isn’t as big as the Bethesda RPG’s, you won’t have to worry about hearing train whistles coming at you out of the blue.

Instead, the only part of the game that’ll have changed will be your boss battle with Flying Dragon Agheel, whose character model has been swapped out for the blue steam engine, with rainergeis saying of this decision: “Yeah I don’t know, I just thought it was funny.”

What you might not find too funny is being endlessly killed by bug Thomas, so make sure to bring along your best anti-train weaponry (whatever that may be) to the battle and don’t be afraid to bait him in with taunts like ‘Percy’s better than you’ and ‘The Fat Controller ironically struggles to manage his body mass’.


If that sounds like a good time to you, then make sure to grab mod engine 2, as you’ll need it to load up the mod and start chugga-chuggaing your way towards your new foe.

Regardless of whether you’ve been train-ing your whole life for the chance to feud with Thomas in a souls game, make sure to follow us for coverage of more great Elden Ring mods.

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