Elden Ring streamer successfully beats the game without taking a single hit

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Elden Ring's protagonist looking intimidating.

When they’re not reading humorous messages, tier-listing hats or dressing their child up as Radahn, Elden Ring players tend to take the game pretty seriously.

For the most hardened connoisseurs of frustration, grinding through difficult boss battles has become mundane by this point, leading many to seek out unorthodox methods of dialling up the adversity and making things interesting again.

While this has previously involved the likes of playing the game with a drawing pad or only using one hand, one streamer has managed to complete a run through the game despite having a slightly less complex handicap, with a single hit from any bosses meaning the end of the road.

Have you ever bested an Elden Ring boss without letting them do any damage?

Having stated his intent via a tweet back in March of this year which simply stated: “I will complete Elden Ring all bosses no hit”, streamer GinoMachino finally completed this goal at the climax of a nine hour long stream earlier this week.

The final boss to fall in the run was the optional enemy Soldier of Godrick, which had only had the chance to fire off one attack before GinoMachino delivered the single fatal blow needed to defeat it and bring the run to a close.

Immediately after doing so, the streamer seemed to be almost in shock, saying: “I can’t believe we did it.” and adding: “I came into today not confident at all [that he was going to finish the run].”

In his latest stream, he reflected further on the achievement, saying: “It’s not that I didn’t expect to get it last steam, but, I don’t know, I thought it would take a little bit longer since I came back to it, because we came back to it, we did three attempts and we just got it.”


He also alluded to a couple of Twitter trolls having jokingly suggested that he should have nailed the run on the first attempt, before jumping into some more experimental routing for future runs.

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