Elden Ring players share their most humiliating mimic tear stories

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Some mimic tears in Elden Ring.

When they’re not reading humorous messages, tier-listing hats or dressing their child up as Radahn, Elden Ring players tend to spend a lot of time battling bosses.

For the most hardened connoisseurs of frustration, grinding through terrifyingly difficult fights has become mundane by this point, leading some to go as far as to seek out unorthodox methods of dialling up the adversity.

However, one boss that always proves interesting regardless of whether you’re battling them with a drawing pad is the game’s mimic tear, which takes on the form of the player and, as some players on Reddit are discussing, can tell you a lot about your build.

How tough have your Elden Ring mimic tears been?

This discussion is the topic of a thread on the subreddit r/eldenring, which began with a post by user oeeom12, who shared a clip of them being instantly decimated by a clone of their character and asked: “Has anyone else been absolutely humiliated by their mimic tear or just me?”

Their fellow tarnished were quick to reassure them by sharing a barrage of tear tales, with user Watsiy revealing: “Honestly (during a new game plus run) I went rushing in confidently and my mimic destroyed me with a parry-- the same way yours did. I didn't see it coming and felt so betrayed.”, while Baylor_Mav said: “I went in fully geared expecting to trounce them. Turns out they also know the secret art of spamming the beast jaw’s ash too.”

On the other hand, many users suggested that they’d been left questioning their work following easy mimic tear fights, with Shawnie2468 recounting: “My build was so trash when I went through my first time he didn't know what to do with it and I just ended up cheesing him with lightning bolts.”

User thehartway summarised the feelings this kind of encounter rings on by quoting an infamous in-game message about mimic tears that’s become a bit of a meme, saying: “Weak foe ahead, therefore time for introspection.”

Meanwhile, a fair few players recommended those who want to make things interesting follow their strategy of dropping all of your gear in order to take on the mimic tear in a bare-knuckle boxing match.

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