Elden Ring players are marvelling at a fan-made Netflix-style intro sequence for the game

Elden Ring's the Lands Between.

When they’re not raging at their own mimic tears, having their heads explode, or worrying that its DLC will just be horse armour, Elden Ring players can be pretty upbeat about their favourite game.

After all, you’ve really got to love a game if you’re prepared to spend hundreds of hours being mercilessly slaughtered by bosses you’re randomly trying to beat with a drawing pad or while only using one hand.

Sometimes this love manifests in the guise of a discussion about which enemies people think could beat up in real life, a controversial hat tier list, or even a Thomas the Tank Engine-themed mod, but currently, it’s taking the form of some appreciation for one fan’s Netflix-inspired rendering of an intro sequence for the Royal Capital, Leyndell.

Would you be up for watching an Elden Ring Netflix show?

This clip is the subject of a recent thread on the subreddit r/eldenring, which began with a post from its creator, user Erxandale, who shared the video and captioned it: “I created a fanmade Elden Ring opening title sequence based on the Royal Capital, Leyndell.”

Their fellow tarnished were incredibly impressed by the intro, which you can watch in full below, with user Terrficspen saying: “You are extremely talented. What an excellent piece of work,” and shultzu adding: “The part where Radagon explodes and then Marika appears is so good.”

Meanwhile, user Xedront said: “This could be easily mistaken for a HBO TV show opening sequence,” prompting Erxandale to respond: “I’m glad you say that, I took inspiration from several Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon, [etc] shows, looked at their title sequences and tried to do one myself.”

In a separate response, they also shared a link to the project’s Behance page and revealed some more details about the process of making it, saying: “Most of the assets are from the game itself and some assets are modelled or kitbashed to repair the broken or destroyed parts of the actual map of the game.”

Some users in the thread even went so far as to recommend that if Elden Ring ever does get turned into TV show, Erxandale should be entrusted with intro design duties, with AvatarSpiderman saying: “This is incredible. Well done! When George RR Martin makes a show about Elden Ring, hopefully you'll get hired for the opening sequence!”

Regardless of whether you’re now on hold to seven different Hollywood producers at once with the goal of pitching them an Elden Ring show, make sure to follow us for coverage of some great Elden Ring mods.

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