Elden Ring players are sharing their most unhinged DLC ideas

Oblivion's horse amour DLC alongside Elden Ring's protagonist.

Oblivion's horse amour DLC alongside Elden Ring's protagonist.

When they’re not raging at their own mimic tears, having their heads explode, or debating the morality of war crimes, Elden Ring players can be a pretty lighthearted bunch.

After all, when you spend lots of time being mercilessly slaughtered by bosses you’re randomly trying to beat with a drawing pad or while only using one hand, a good sense of humour goes a long way.

Sometimes this manifests in the guise of a discussion about which enemies you could beat up in real life, a controversial hat tier list, or even a Thomas the Tank Engine-themed mod, but currently, it’s taking the form of an exchange of purposefully terrible ideas for the game’s DLC.

What’s your worst Elden Ring DLC idea?

This important discourse is the subject of a recent thread on the subreddit r/eldenring, which began with a post from user cmars118, who kicked off the action by asking: “What do you want from the upcoming DLC? Awful takes only.” and adding that theirs would be a second Lake of Rot.

Their fellow tarnished were quick to charge in with an array of other zany suggestions, some of which revolved around bosses. For example, user Virtual-Score4653 proposed that it should include an encounter with a “fully Evolved Royal Revenant,” while Better_Character_859 instead declared their desire to battle “Godskin Octuplets”.

Others craved slightly different challenges, with user ModernDrengr advocating for “an amazing new weapon/spell/armour gated by an hour long Torrent-mounted platforming puzzle over a fatal drop, all overseen by Gostoc the Rune Leech,” and sterling_borders declaring, “let us inside Boilprawn Shack.”

Meanwhile, user IamStroodle decided that they wanted more of Elden Ring’s great narrative, saying “I want George R. R. Martin himself to appear on screen and for 20+ hours belt out every tidbit of unnecessary lore in an unskippable and un-pausable cutscene.”

Sadly for those expecting something impressive from the DLC, user TheEldenCasual proposed that it could end up being similar to the greatest Elder Scrolls DLC of all time, declaring: “C’mon guys we all know the real answer. It’ll be horse armour.”

Regardless of whether you can’t wait to armour up Torrent for the reasonable price of £2.50, make sure to follow us for coverage of some great Elden Ring mods.

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