God of War streamer takes on game using dance pad dressed as Kratos

Streamer MissMikkaa dressed as God of War's Kratos.

Streamer MissMikkaa dressed as God of War's Kratos.

With Ragnarok now being close to release, God of War fever has gripped many gamers, who, when they’re not discussing whether Kratos should fight Jesus at some point, are having to find ways to tide themselves over until November 9.

Inventing unorthodox ways of playing games is somewhat of a speciality for a few Twitch streamers, with drawing pad and one-handed playthroughs of Elden Ring having recently taken place on the platform.

Now, though, the architect of that single-handed trip through the Lands Between, streamer MissMikkaa, has turned her attention to God of War and is currently in the midst of taking on the game’s toughest bosses using a dance pad and dressed in full Kratos cosplay.

Do you think you could beat any God of War bosses using the Cha-Cha Slide?

MissMikkaa kicked off this run a few days ago with a stream of around six hours, and despite suggesting that she hadn’t played the game in a while or done much testing of how it works with a dance pad, was quickly dishing out axe blows with lethal efficiency.

While this first stream saw her take on bosses like Dauði Kaupmaðr and Baldur, the latest features a battle with Járn Fótr, the infamous encounter with the dragon Hræzlyr, plus an awful lot of puzzling and exploring.

Even though MissMikkaa’s dancing skills have been painstakingly honed in fights with the likes of Elden Ring’s Malenia and Radagon, the former of which you can watch her battle in the video below, Hræzlyr proved a decent challenge, largely due to the trouble the streamer had looking up at the dragon using the dance pad controls.

Once this had been mastered, the best was felled in quick fashion, allowing MissMikkaa to continue her disco pilgrimage through Midgard.

However, this voyage met what looks to be a significant roadblock towards the end of the stream, with MissMikkaa signing off for the day following a couple of unsuccessful attempts at the fight with Magni and Modi.

This pairing will seemingly be first up the chopping block during the streamer’s next broadcast though, so make sure to tune in if you’ve had a bad time getting past them yourself at some point and want to see them be stunted on in pretty disrespectful fashion.

Regardless of whether you’re now trying to buy a dance pad so you can get your own version of this playthrough done before Ragnarok releases, make sure to follow us for coverage of some interesting streamers and guides to all of Ragnarok’s puzzles and secrets.

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