The best Elden Ring team comps and PVP builds for the Colosseum

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Two characters are going to Colosseum in Elden Ring.

Looking to gain a competitive edge in the new Elden Ring Colosseum? Beyond a look at the best Elden Ring team comps and PVP builds you can follow to fight your way to the top, we're going into detail on how to claw your way to victory. Even though the most potent builds are available only to experienced Elden Lords, some of them are also suitable for beginners looking to test the waters.

So, if you're rolled around enough to see one of the game's many endings, read on for some killer PVP builds you can use to craft unstoppable Elden Ring team comps and dominate the hardest bosses in the game - random brawlers on the internet. Some NPC fights prepare you for the weapon variety you'll see in here, but you won't be able to rely on AI quirks anymore.

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Elden Ring team comps and best builds

Collecting necessary equipment is not enough if you want to win in PvP battles playing Elden Ring. You must upgrade your weapons regularly and master your skills before you learn how to use the specific build correctly. And below, you can find out the best Elden Ring PvP builds as of today.

Two Elden Ring players preparing to battle.
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Rivers of Blood

If the name of this Elden Ring build isn't clear enough already, prepare to have your opponent gushing the red stuff with this one.

The Rivers of Blood katana, which is the primary weapon in this build, focuses on high attack speed. A swift victory awaits those who can wait for an opening and chain its attacks together successfully.

To make the whole thing tick, we suggest using Godslayer’s Seal and Swarm of Flies along with it. Talking about armor and talismans, use items mentioned in the list below:

  • Shard of Alexander
  • Rotten Winged Sword Insignia
  • Lord of Blood’s Exultation
  • White Mask

For stats, focus on Arcane, Vigor, and Dexterity to get the most of out the Rivers of Blood weapon in PVP.

Such a combination of equipment pieces and attributes should allow you to use Rivers of Blood Katana at maximum efficiency, ensuring you have one of the highest DPS counts in the match. Who needs survivability when you can roll around and strike like lightning?

A duel between Elden Ring players.
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Moonveil Katana

Moonveil Katana is the second build that uses a clean, sharp katana to cut through players in the new PVP modes.

But the strategy of using Moonveil Katana is different compared to the Rivers of Blood katana. You should combine powerful spells and Ash of War to win what can otherwise be battles of attrition.

Once you have Moonveil Katana, you should use Lusat’s Glintstone Staff, which can be found in Selia, Town of Sorcery, to cap out the build.

Alongside those, Comet, Adula’s Moonblade, and Comet Azur are the most suitable spells for this build. Any powerful spell can work in place of these, so just choose whichever you think best suits your individual playstyle. Here's a loot at a few more options to kit it out:

  • Carian Filigreed Crest
  • Crimson Amber Medallion
  • Dragoncrest Shield Talisman
  • Radagon’s Icon

To round things off, focus on Intelligence, Dexterity, and Vigor. These attributes are the distinguishing feature of this build. Thing whole idea falls apart without the stats to back it up.

Colossal Greatsword

If you like mighty weapons that deal a lot of damage in one crushing blow, Colossal Greatsword is the bestElden Ring PVP build you can bring into the colosseum right now.

The primary weapon in this build is the Berserk Greatsword, which is one of the most effective and potent weapons in the game even today. Keep in mind that the Berserk Greatsword is a two-handed item. So if you ran through the game with fast and fluid one-handed weapons, expect a bit of a learning curve here.

Greatswords rely on careful timing. One swing can create enough of an opening to deliver the decisive blow. It feels great to pull off, but it's easy for your opponent to punish a poorly-timed attempt on their life.

Once you have Berserk Greatsword, you should equip Bloodhound’s Step Ash of War. It is one of the most powerful Ashes of War in the game at this point. The only problem is that obtaining Bloodhound’s Step Ash of War is pretty challenging.

Talking about the equipment, you should opt for powerful talismans and armor that guarantee excellent protection against enemies. Check out the list of the best equipment for the Colossal Greatsword build below:

  • Spear Talisman
  • Bull-Goat’s Talisman
  • Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman
  • Great-Jar’s Arsenal

For stats, try to focus on Strength, Vigor, and Endurance. These attributes will compensate for the weak points of the Colossal Greatsword, making it one of the most powerful PvP builds in Elden Ring.

A fight between multiple Elden Ring players.
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Frostfire Knight

Lastly, one of the most potent Elden Ring PVP builds for the Colosseum battle has to be the Frostfire Knight.

If you prefer duels. this is the one to go for without a doubt. The increased amount of health points and good manoeuvrability allow you to dominate other players in skirmishes, making it a heavy offense option for those who like to go in swinging.

The primary weapons in Frostfire Knight build are two Noble’s Cold Slender Swords. The first should be used with Glintstone Pebble Ash of War and the second with Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War. Such a combination allows you to be flexible and deal much damage simultaneously.

Of course, none of this works without its essential talismans and armour picks. Here's what to aim for:

  • Pumpkin Helm
  • Cuckoo Knight Armor
  • Fire Prelate Gauntlets
  • Fire Prelate Greaves
  • Great - Jar’s Arsenal
  • Old Lord’s Talisman
  • Millicent’s Prosthesis

Even though most people think that attributes are not that important, you'll be at your best with a Vigor, Dexterity, and Intelligence spread with this one.

If it wasn't obvious enough already, the best Elden Ring team comps for the big PVP colosseum update is any using the builds above. If you're using one, your allies can use another. In fact, there's nothing stopping you from running a team of Frostfire Knights if you so desire.

Elden Ring team comp ideas and strategies


In the end, you simply want to coordinate with your allies. Like any proper PVP game, you want to bully anyone who's healing the enemy or casting spells from afar. They tend to cause the most problems yet fall in the fewest hits.

After that, work your way through the team, making sure to leave any slower targets until the end. They may hit the hardest, but they can't always easily reach you. They tend to take a beating as well: something a healer will fix up or an enemy mage will punish.

However, you should keep in mind that the meta in the game changes actively. So, spending the last resources on one build is not the best decision. And while you are still here, make sure to read our article on Rune farming locations in Elden Ring.

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