Horizon Zero Dawn Goose Locations To Farm Skin and Bone

Animals can be easily hunted in Horizon Zero Dawn. But there are some that may be exempted, including the goose. It can escape and just fly away from people, which could not be seen in more common animals in the wild. But sticking to a well-planned strategy may lead players to hunt down these geese.

Here’s the guide on where and how to hunt goose in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Where To Hunt Goose In Horizon Zero Dawn

Right at the beginning of the game, players may be able to hunt down a goose in Nora. They can fast travel to a campfire near the house of Rost which is also in the northern part of a Strider site.

Additionally, players may proceed in going down to the area. A handful of geese can be found in this location. Although it is best to not slide down to prevent causing panic from the geese.

A goose can be easily killed with just one arrow. Although it requires much precision in order to be successful. Geese can be startled easily, so taking quiet yet calculated moves to hunt down those would be advisable.

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