Horizon Zero Dawn: Power Cell Locations

Despite being a best-selling game and one of Sony’s killer exclusives that’s available on Steam, many players are playing Horizon Zero Dawn for the first time ever thanks to Sony releasing it as a free game that’s part of their Play at Home initiative.

The fact that we got Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition for free on our PS4 and PS5 is even better since we get access to the game’s Frozen Wilds expansion, which gives fans an extra 15-hour adventure to play.

You can also use this interactive Horizon Zero Dawn map, just below, to make your search even easier:

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Horizon Zero Dawn: Power Cell Locations

Naturally, fans are stuck looking for certain items to make Horizon Zero Dawn an even better experience, with many of them looking for all the Power Cells.

Finding these items isn’t just for completionist’s sake as you also get the Shield Weaver armor, making you nearly invincible and taking a good amount of damage.

Once you’ve collected these items, do the Ancient Armory side quest to get it.

Without further ado, here’s where all the Horizon Zero Dawn Power Cells are.

Power Cell 1: Underground Bunker

Head back to the bunker that Aloy stumbled in as a child, make your way through the cave, and you should find it being blocked by a few stalactites. Simply slash it with your spear and collect the Power Cell though, keep in mind, you cannot get this when Alloy is a child.

Power Cell 2: All-Mother Temple

Go to the area where Aloy finds her gear after The Proving. Simply look for a locked door, crawl through the small hole in the left, and pick up the second Power Cell.

Power Cell 3: Maker’s End

Do the ‘Maker’s End’ quest and after you reach the part where Aloy finds out the machines’ origins, look east to the conference table. Go to the climbable rocks, keep climbing, and you should find the next Power Cell.

Power Cell 4: The Grave Hoard

Go through the entryway, kill the enemies there, then you’ll find the Power Cell inside the door with three locks. Find the three mechanisms, disable them, open the door, and the Power Cell is yours.

Power Cell 5: GAIA Prime

Take part in ‘The Mountain That Fell’ quest, head down the stairs after Faro talks to the scientists where you’ll find a secret path that leads you to tunnels, go through them and the fifth Power Cell should be waiting for you there.

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