Horizon Zero Dawn: How To Level Up XP FAST

Horizon Zero Dawn might not be the most innovative open-world game out there but it has enough hallmarks of the genre to make it a fun time, especially since it’s currently a free download for PS4 and PS5 owners.

Like most open-world games, Aloy can upgrade her weapons and skills in Horizon Zero Dawn, a lot of times through crafting and other times by completing missions, though she can also level up by killing enemies with that good old XP.

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Farming XP in Horizon Zero Dawn isn’t incredibly necessary unless you’re playing on one of the harder difficulties or are going through New Game Plus, but there are definitely ways to do that here.

You can be like most players by finding certain areas where enemies respawn so you can kill them, or just going through the game’s campaign and seeing what happens when you just follow the story.

Players that really want to reach max level can cheat a bit by using the Call Mount+skill, which lets you summon Mounts for traveling the game’s world.

Instead, you’ll be killing them like some kind of monster, but that’s what you have to do if you want to get all of Aloy’s in-game skills.

Just keep using Call Mount and kill every Mount that comes your way, which is dark but is the best way to farm that XP.

We hope you all still have a soul once you’re done farming XP in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a free download for PS4 and PS5 owners until May 14, no PS Plus required.

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