Horizon Zero Dawn: How To Start Frozen Wilds DLC

The best part of Sony giving away Horizon Zero Dawn for free is that it’s the Complete Edition, so you aren’t just downloading the base game but also The Frozen Wilds, an expansion that adds an additional 15-hour adventure to partake in.

It’s a really great extra to have, giving fans everything they need to get ready for the sequel Horizon: Forbidden West, which will be a big cross-gen sequel coming to PS4 and PS5, so it’s no surprise that fans want to know how to start The Frozen Wilds.

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Horizon Zero Dawn: How To Start Frozen Wilds DLC

Oddly enough, starting The Frozen Wilds in Horizon Zero Dawn isn’t as easy as pausing the game and choosing it like in Marvel’s Spider-Man, as the developers actually integrated the expansion into the main campaign.

Admittedly, this is a little annoying for those that were able to beat the game and just want to play the DLC, but if you still have the game's save it’s relatively easy to find it, though newer players will have to go through the excellent main campaign first.

Now, in order to start The Frozen WIlds in Horizon Zero Dawn, players will have to talk to one of three NPCs; Ohtur, a merchant in Daytower, Rhavid, a noble scion near Meridian, and a traveler named Yariki, who can be found on the path heading to The Cut.

You only have to talk to one of these characters, as this will bring up the plight of The Banuk and will eventually lead players to The Frozen Wilds.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a free download for PS4 and PS5 owners until May 14, while Steam players will have to wait for a sale.Wilds

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