Horizon Zero Dawn: How To Upgrade Your Spear

Horizon Zero Dawn is a well-crafted game with plenty of opportunities to explore and take part in combat like the best open-world titles, where you can choose to shoot enemies down with your bow and arrow Hunger Games-style or be a savage and use a spear.

Admittedly, the game’s combat isn’t that deep but it can still be really fun thanks to various upgrades and the kind of enemies you can take on, so there’s no doubt that Horizon Zero Dawn has a good bit of depth.

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Your spear in Horizon Zero Dawn is the only close-range weapon you’ll get and it can’t be upgraded via conventional means so there aren’t any specific materials you should collect.

However, there are missions you can complete to upgrade your spear in Horizon Zero Dawn, two of which are in the base game, one of which is in the Frozen Wilds DLC.

The first mission in the base version of Horizon Zero Dawn you should beat for a spear upgrade is In Her Mother’s Footsteps, which is one of the first missions you’ll encounter when you are getting ready for The Proving.

Completing the mission shouldn’t take too long and will get you a boost in damage, which will be very useful when you’re forced into melee combat so don’t sleep on this side quest, especially since it’s so early on.

After Aloy beats the first Corrupter, you will get the Override skill, which is an upgrade for your spear that lets you Mount various foes.

While it doesn’t give you any big combat upgrades, you can turn an enemy against other foes or ride them across the open-world, which is nice.

If you get the Frozen Wilds DLC, complete A Secret Shard so you can upgrade your spear even more by collecting special coils.

Horizon Zero Dawn is available right now on the PS4 and PS5 as a free game.

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