How Halo Infinite Shock Chain Works

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If you're trying to complete the Halo Infinite shock chain challenge, then you're in luck. It's a fairly simple task, assuming you have the right weapons. A shock chain only works with weapons that release electricity, and you'll need the right circumstances. This is a challenge easier to complete in Big Team Battle since you're more likely to find several people close enough to trigger the effect.

Here's how to pull off a shock chain in Halo Infinite.


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What is a Shock Chain in Halo Infinite?

A shock chain happens when you kill two or more enemies using an electric weapon, including the Dynamo Grenades and Shock Rifle. They must be close enough where the electric current passes through them, and the challenge only completes if the enemies die as a result of the attack.

Dynamo Grenades in Halo Infinite. These grenades release electrical currents you can use to clear the shock chain challenge

How to Get a Shock Chain in Halo Infinite

Naturally, your foes won't stand still for you to shoot electricity at them. Some maps with choke points, such as the Bazaar, are good fits to try and pull off the challenge. Alternatively, you could attempt it in a Big Team battle, where multiple enemies usually travel together.

The Shock Rifle is easiest to use since you can control the flow of energy. If you want to use Dynamo Grenades, here's how you can switch from the basic grenades you automatically start with.

On PC:

  • Use the "N" key

On Xbox:

  • Use the "Left" input on the D-Pad

You can also use the Shock Rifle and Dynamo Grenades to EMP vehicles and take them over. They're just some of Halo Infinite's many weapons, or you can always resort to fisticuffs and melee your foes, even without assassinations in Infinite. And there's still more. Other key pieces of equipment to vary your strategy include the Threat Sensor and Shade Turrets.