How To Use The Threat Sensor In Halo Infinite

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The Halo Infinite threat sensor is one of the most useful pieces of equipment you can find, and it's one you'll want to use whenever you get it in a multiplayer match. It lights up your radar and shows you where enemies are through walls, though the game is less than keen on telling you how to actually use the Threat Sensor.

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What Is the Threat Sensor in Halo Infinite?

The Halo Infinite threat sensor is a small piece of equipment used for detecting enemies.
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The threat sensor scans the surrounding area every few seconds and shows nearby enemies on the mini-radar. The Threat Sensor sticks to any surface and sends out pulses while it lasts, which is roughly six seconds. It's not a constant thing, so you'll want to pay attention and plan accordingly while it's active. players to scan the areas once used.

What Halo Infinite doesn't tell you is actually how to use the Threat Sensor or any piece of equipment for that matter.

How To Use The Threat Sensor In Halo Infinite

You'll use the equipment key or button to activate the Threat Sensor. On PC, the default equipment key is "Q," and it's tied to the Right Bumper (RB) on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

The Threat Sensor is best used when you're by yourself, for example, if you're defending a base or keeping watch over your flag alone. Feel free to throw it out and ignore it if something better comes along, though.

Also, you need to use the threat sensor for at least one of Halo Infinite's challenges to gain XP for the Battle Pass.


While you're stalking your Spartan prey, make sure to follow our best weapons guide and grab the right one for the job. Hijacking vehicles is always a good idea and can turn the match in your favour quickly. You might even get a Steaktacular if you play your cards right. It won't earn you any credits, though. Those take real money.

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