Halo Infinite Fracture: Tenrai Event Start Time, Rewards, and Everything We Know So Far

The Halo Infinite Fracture: Tenrai event starts soon, and with it comes a chance to earn at least one snazzy piece of armor completely unrelated to the Halo universe. Fractures aren't new to the Halo series, but this marks the first Fracture for Halo Infinite following its surprise release on November 15 during the Xbox 20th anniversary presentation. 343 is still keeping quiet about everything we can expect from Fractures: Tenrai, but we know the broad outline of what's in store.

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Latest News


November 23 - Specific Start Time and Length

It's been confirmed that the Fracture: Tenrai event starts at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET / 6 pm GMT. 343 also said the event will run for two more weeks in 2022.

November 22 - More Tenrai details

343 provided further clarification on what to expect from Fracture: Tenrai when it starts early on November 23, or late November 22 depending on your time zone.

Fracture: Tenrai has 30 levels of rewards. They're free, but the event will last only one week. It'll then reappear for one week each month during Season 1, which lasts until May 2022. Whatever progress you make during one week carries over to the next, so you won't have to start over every time.

343 has several additional events planned following Tenrai, including Winter Contingency, Tac Ops and Cyber Showdown. They'll all have separate rewards passes, though no mention was made if they'll also run on rotation.

What Is Fracture: Tenrai in Halo Infinite?

Fractures are special events in Halo where you take part in a unique event playlist and earn rewards from the event shop. These rewards are usually cosmetics with a style different from the sci-fi shooter's own. For example, the Fractures: Tenrai event is themed around the main samurai armor, and we assume other rewards will be samurai-centric as well.


When Does Fracture: Tenrai Start?

Halo Infinite Fractures: Tenrai begins November 23 and runs for at least that week. There's no word yet if the event has rotating challenges or if all the activities are available for the duration. However, 343 did say it'll turn up for one week every month throughout season 1, which runs for several months, and your progress carried over.

How Long Does Fracture: Tenrai Last?

The event's initial run lasts through November 29. It'll run again from

  • January 4 through January 10
  • February 1 through February 7

Your event battle pass progress carries over, so you'll pick up in January where you left off at the end of November.

Halo Infinite Fracture: Tenrai Rewards

The Yoroi Armor Core is Tenrai's main reward. Armor Cores in Halo Infinite change the style of your Spartan's armor and let you equip different cosmetics, so we suspect the other rewards will likely be tied to that, e.g. a samurai helmet, shoulder pads, and so on. 343 said there's 30 tiers to grind through, and while they still haven't said what the rewards are, there's a new image showing some of what to expect.

Some of the Fracture Tenrai event rewards, including weapon skins, banner icons, and more
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What Is the Fracture: Tenrai Playlist?


The event playlist is Fiesta. This mode is Slayer every time and takes place across any of the possible 4 v 4 maps, but what makes it different is your starting loadout. Instead of the usual assault rifle or battle rifle, you start with a random weapon every time. You may spawn with a Gravity Hammer, for example, or even the Spanker.

Some of the event-specific challenges include competing in, and winning, Fiesta battles, so if you want the Fracture Tenrai rewards, it's worth jumping in from time to time while the event lasts.

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