Halo Infinite Battle Pass: All Heroes of Reach Rewards for Season 1

Halo Infinite is fully embracing the live-service multiplayer experience, with a detailed Progression System and a roadmap that has promised to give fans several features down the line, including Forge Mode. So, let's get you up to date with all the Halo Infinite Battle Pass Rewards for Season 1.

Like most live-service games, the Halo Infinite Battle Pass Rewards will change every season, with the events like Fracture: Tenrai excluded. So stay tuned to this page to find out when the next Battle Pass is announced, along with any leaks that might come by.

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Halo Infinite Season 1 Battle Pass Rewards

Halo Infinite Season 1 is available now, and with it is a new set of Battle Pass rewards for both free and paid versions of the pass. Here's what you'll get with each. Remember to take a look at how to progress the Fracture: Tenrai battle pass too!

We've also seen updates to the weekly challenges in the Halo Infinite battle pass, so hopefully, you'll be able to complete them quicker. With time, these things will become easier and easier, too.

Halo Infinite Season 1 Free Battle Pass Rewards

  • Level 1: FUI Epic backdrop
  • Level 3: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 5: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 6: Bryce Rare Visor
  • Level 8: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 10: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 11: Stone Green armor coating
  • Level 13: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 15: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 16: Calm Blossom rare stance
  • Level 18: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 20: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 21: UTIL/ENAV rare chest armor
  • Level 23: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 25: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 26: Vandal epic visor
  • Level 28: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 30: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 31: Ancient Code epic AI color
  • Level 33: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 35: Challenge Swap item
  • level 36: UMU rare AI model
  • Level 38: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 40: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 41: Tempest Lilac rare armor coating
  • Level 43: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 45: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 46: Agathus epic left shoulder pad
  • Level 48: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 49: Agathus epic right shoulder pad
  • Level 50: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 51: Dynasty epic visor
  • Level 53: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 55: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 56: Ghost Grey armor coating
  • Level 58: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 60: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 61: Kill Count epic backdrop
  • Level 63: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 65: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 66: Karaba Sirocco armor coating
  • Level 68: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 70: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 71: Jackplate rare chest armor
  • Level 73: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 75: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 76: Noble Portal armor coating
  • Level 78: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 80: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 81: Trailblazer epic helmet
  • Level 83: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 84: Werewolf epic helmet
  • Level 85: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 86: Clawmarks rare backdrop
  • Level 88: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 89: Halfplate chest armor
  • Level 90: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 91: Special Delivery legendary stance
  • Level 93: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 94: Dragoon epic visor
  • Level 95: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 96: Mark VII legendary helmet
  • Level 97: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 98: Armet legendary helmet attachment
  • Level 99: Challenge Swap item
  • Level 100: Type II A-1 Buckler legendary wrist

Halo Infinite Season 1 Paid Battle Pass Rewards

  • Level 1: Mark V [B] Epic Armor Core
  • Level 2: UA/Type B1 Rare Helmet Attachment
  • Level 3: UA/D0-01-CCR Breaching Kit Epic Chest
  • Level 4: UA/P1DA Rare Wrist
  • Level 5: Blue Rampage Epic Armor Coating
  • Level 6: XP Boost
  • Level 7: SAP/EVA Rare Left Shoulder Pad
  • Level 8: SAP/EVA Rare Right Shoulder Pad
  • Level 9: TAC/RS/Willow Rare Helmet Attachment
  • Level 10: EVA Epic Helmet
  • Level 11: XP Boost
  • Level 12: TAC/MAT-2519C Communicator Epic Chest
  • Level 13: TAC/MC5 TACPAD Epic Wrist
  • Level 14: Noble Principle Epic Armor Coating
  • Level 15: Commando Epic Helmet
  • Level 16: XP Boost
  • Level 17: Noble Epic Visor
  • Level 18: HUL[3]/BNR/Courier Pearl Epic Helmet Attachment
  • Level 19: Noble Command Epic Stance
  • Level 20: Carter-A259 Kit Legendary ARmor Kit
  • Level 21: XP Boost
  • Level 22: Noble Epic Nameplate
  • Level 23: Noble Epic Charm
  • Level 24: UA/D0-06-FGM Tactical Kit Rare Chest
  • Level 25: FC-I/Fascia Legendary Helmet Attachment
  • Level 26: XP Boost
  • Level 27: TAC/SRT UGPS Epic Wrist
  • Level 28: System of Systems Epic Backdrop
  • Level 29: TAC/T-MAGS
  • Level 30: Aviator Rare Helmet
  • Level 31: XP Boost
  • Level 32: SAP/SMP Legendary Left Shoulder Pad
  • Level 33: SAP/SMP Legendary Right Shoulder Pad
  • Level 34: Noble Observer Epic Armor Coating
  • Level 35: Scout Epic Helmet
  • Level 36: XP Boost
  • Level 37: HUL-I/RS/Argon Legendary Helmet Attachment
  • Level 38: Util/Desert Patrol Epic Chest
  • Level 39: Noble Strike Epic Stance
  • Level 40: JUN-A266 Kit Legendary Armor Kit
  • Level 41: XP Boost
  • Level 42: Noble Epic Armor Emblem
  • Level 43: TAC/Recon Package Rare Chest
  • Level 44: Search and Assess Rare Stance
  • Level 45: Recon Legendary Helmet
  • Level 46: XP Boost
  • Level 47: MK59E CBRN/Glance Epic Helmet Attachment
  • Level 48: Challenger Epic Gloves
  • Level 49: Critical Path Epic Backdrop
  • Level 50: Judgment Phoenix Legendary Kill Effect
  • Level 51: XP Boost
  • Level 52: UA/Type FJ Epic Knee Pads
  • Level 53: M45 Hardcase Epic Utility
  • Level 54: Noble Intercessor Epic Armor Coating
  • Level 55: Air Assault Epic Helmet
  • Level 56: XP Boost
  • Level 57: Noble Epic Vehicle Emblem
  • Level 58: TAC/RS/Starlight Epic Helmet Attachment
  • Level 59: Noble Confidence Epic Stance
  • Level 60: Catherine-B320 Kit Legendary Armor Kit
  • Level 61: XP Boost
  • Level 62: SAP/ODST Rare Left Shoulder Pad
  • Level 63: SAP/ODST Rare Right Shoulder Pad
  • Level 64: Helljumper Rare Visor
  • Level 65: ODST Epic Helmet
  • Level 66: XP Boost
  • Level 67: UA/ODST Rare Chest
  • Level 68: Keep It Clean Rare Charm
  • Level 69: Super Tone Legendary AI Color
  • Level 70: Superintendent Legendary AI Model
  • Level 71: XP Boost
  • Level 72: UA/Type JOR Epic Knee Pads
  • Level 73: UA/Vauntlock Legendary Chest
  • Level 74: Noble Defender Epic Armor Coating
  • Level 75: Grenadier Epic Helmet
  • Level 76: XP Boost
  • Level 77: Stalward Legendary Visor
  • Level 78: UA/Type E3 Rare Helmet Attachment
  • Level 79: Noble Justice Legendary Stance
  • Level 80: Jorge-052 Kit
  • Level 81: XP Boost
  • Level 82: SAP/MKVI Epic Left Shoulder Pad
  • Level 83: SAP/MKVI Epic Right Shoulder Pad
  • Level 84: Mark VI Epic Helmet
  • Level 85: Judgment Mantle Legendary Armor Effect
  • Level 86: XP Boost
  • Level 87: M10 Tactical Soft Case Rare Utility
  • Level 88: TAC/CASC Epic Wrist
  • Level 89: Noble Executioner Epic Armor Coating
  • Level 90: EVA [C] Legendary Helmet
  • Level 91: XP Boost
  • Level 92: Visigoth Rare Visor
  • Level 93: TAC/Sapper Rig Epic Chest
  • Level 94: Noble Fury Epic Stance
  • Level 95: Emile-A239 Kit Legendary Armor Kit
  • Level 96: XP Boost
  • Level 97: Judgment Helm Legendary Armor Effect
  • Level 98: MIA Rare Visor
  • Level 99: Redacted Records Epic Armor Coating
  • Level 100: Judgment Flame Legendary Mythic Effect Set

Halo Infinite Battle Pass Rewards: Leaks, Confirmations, and More

Here is everything that's been revealed thus far.

Halo Infinite Season 1: Heroes of Reach

The first season’s Battle Pass focuses on Halo: Reach, giving fans a bunch of customization options from that game.

The classic Mk. V armour is one of the armour pieces players can unlock through the Battle Pass, which should give Halo: Reach fans a reason to make the purchase

The Mk. V Armor aside, players will be able to unlock Death Effects, Armor Effects, and cosmetics based on Noble Team from Halo: Reach, so players can look like their favourite member from that group. Just check out the list above for full details.

Weekly Challenges

Weekly Challenges are available at launch for Halo Infinite, giving players another chance to get some unique rewards, though it’s worth noting that these will be more straightforward based on the feedback 343 has received from players during the open beta.

The devs at 343 have been monitoring the Weekly Challenges in Halo Infinite to see which ones players like to reroll for and which ones players don’t want to complete, ensuring that any frustrating challenges won’t be making a comeback.

There is now a 'Play a Match' challenge, giving 50XP for completing a game, hopefully helping players rank up the Battle Pass faster.

The Fracture Event and Samurai Armor

Like most multiplayer games, Halo Infinite is home to various events that will allow players to win unique cosmetics thanks to a recurring event called The Fracture.

This event allows for more non-canon cosmetics to come to the game, like the much-hyped Yoroi Samurai Armor, with 343 crediting the unique cosmetics in Halo: The Master Chief Collection for these unique costumes.

Free and Paid Battle Pass Rewards

Like a good number of live-service shooters, the Halo infinite Battle Pass technically has two Battle Pass paths at launch; a free one with a few goodies and a paid one with better rewards.

Players that only care about gameplay won’t be too bothered by this and might stick with the default Halo Infinite Battle Pass rewards but considering the market 343 Industries is trying to reach, we expect a good number of players to shell out for the paid Battle Pass, despite the reservations many have on how good a deal it is.

If you’re worried about certain cosmetics disappearing when a Battle Pass is about to expire, fear not, as the Halo Infinite Battle Passes won’t be expiring at all, so players will be able to take their time playing the game and earning them.

As if that wasn’t enticing enough, older Battle Passes will still be available for purchase when new seasons take place, so you won’t have any issue getting any cool rewards if they are part of a specific Halo Infinite Battle Pass.


Currently, there aren't any details on the Season 2 Battle Pass, and it'll be quite a while before we see it. This is because Season 1 is going to last 6 months, so campaign co-op will take a fair while to come out in May at the earliest.

Halo Infinite is out now on Game Pass, with the multiplayer mode fully playable. Have a look at the best Halo Infinite guns if you want to know more!

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