Halo Infinite: Best Ways To Level Up The Fracture: Tenrai Battle Pass

Halo Infinite's first event, Fracture: Tenrai, has begun! The Season 1 expansion offers 30 tiers of in-game gear, armour coatings, and more.

It can be hard grinding through all of the sections. That's why we've compiled the best ways to progress through the event's battle pass.

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Halo Infinite: Best Ways To Level Up The Fracture: Tenrai Battle Pass

Weekly Challenges

Complete the weekly challenges to gain more XP and do so quickly. Some of the objectives are relatively easy, with a large number of XP to reward. But others are a lot more difficult, especially Tier 3 ones that include killing enemy Spartans using the Shade Turret and Fusion Coil.

A grey, samurai-style armour for Spartans titled Willow Tea.
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Credit: 343 Industries
Willow Tea is the Ultimate Reward for the completion of all weekly challenges (Nov 23-30)

The more challenges completed, the more XP you gain and the faster you rank through the tiers.

Event Challenges

Event challenges can be discovered in the same section as weekly challenges. Similarly, they offer a multitude of XP when completed, allowing you to rank up quickly through the battle pass.

If certain objectives are troubling you, consider using a challenge swap to switch out an objective for another one. These objectives are rotated when completed, so you're always fresh with new quests to work on and consequently, more XP to gain.

A Spartan is wearing Samurai armour and shooting.
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Credit: 343 Industries

Some of these challenges may be a little hard to complete, especially the Big Wheel Bully objective. Why not find a loot cave to add firepower to your Spartans?

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