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Halo Infinite Progression System Explained

Master Chief holds his helmet by his side.
Credit: 343 Industries

The Halo Infinite progression system has caused a fair bit of confusion for prospective players of 343 Industries' upcoming iteration of the beloved series. We thought we'd help you out with it. Here's a nice, simple, comprehensive rundown of how Halo Infinite's progression system works.

In the run-up to Halo Infinite's release date, we'll have access to a bunch of flight tests which will give more access to Infinite's game modes and guns. So, you might as well learn what you're working towards - aside from good old fashioned intrinsic satisfaction at the announcer's voice shouting about your brutal kill streak.

Halo Infinite Progression System: What you need to know

So, what's the ranking-up process like in Halo Infinite? There's a fair bit to consider, but we'll keep it nice and simple for you. September's Inside Infinite was a real big wall of text, so here's the short version.


Halo Infinite Progression

Halo Infinite will basically have a Battle Pass. At launch, there'll be one path to progress down, and you'll unlock rewards along the way. Like most live service games, you can unlock both free and paid reward tracks. These will include a bunch of cosmetic items like helmets, armour colours, and the like, as well as XP-boosing consumables like Warzone's double XP tokens.

Every unlock will require the same amount of XP. This means to get from rank 1 to 2 it'll take just as long as to get from rank 99 to 100. You can also progress a Battle Pass from any season of Halo Infinite content. Missed out on some cool gear from earlier on? Stick that rewards track and get grinding!

Have a look at every Battle Pass reward to see what you're looking forward to as well - there's a whole lot to unlock!

Limited-Time Events

You'll also get to experience limited-time special events in-season. They're free passes to unlock a separate rewards track like the Yoroi Samurai armour coming to Season 1. The event will be called 'Fractures: Tenrai', and will come and go several times throughout the season, with progress carrying over each time

There will be multiple limited-time events per season too, so keep an eye out here on Gfinity to hear all the latest news and available gear to unlock throughout the game's seasons!


Progression by Challenges

So, how do you gain XP and progress through these reward tracks? The controversial answer is through challenges. There is currently no incremental 'match XP' system in place for Halo Infinite.

There will be daily and weekly challenges, offering different levels of XP. The image below shows some examples.

The challenges screen for Halo Infinite's progression system, showing daily and weekly challenges on screen.
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Credit: 343 Industries

Daily Challenges


Daily challenges will be unlocked in two tiers. First, you have 'Stage One' challenges, which can be completed in any mode, including Bot Arena. Afterwards, you get 'Stage Two' challenges, which rewards more XP but requires you to do player vs player matches. Every day, you need to complete Stage One to reach Stage Two.

After this, 'Stage Three' is unlocked, which rewards you more XP but requires you to win multiplayer matches.

To be fair to 343 Industries, it looks like the daily challenges will often function similarly to general match XP systems, but the problems could arise for super-hardcore grinders who run out of challenges to complete and want the chance to unlock more goodies just by playing loads.

Weekly Challenges

343 also offered a handy list of potential challenges we could receive! Here are a sample of weeklies, but remember this is not an exhaustive list.

  • Stay Off My Yard – Kill an Enemy Spartan Attacking a Friendly Zone (0/1) 
  • For the Win – Win a Quick Play Match (0/1) 
  • Castle Crasher – Complete a Strongholds Match (0/1) 
  • Spartan Killer – Kill Enemy Spartans in Slayer (0/3) 
  • Large Squad Scuffle – Complete a Big Team Battle Match (0/1) 
  • Play Ball – Play an Oddball Match (0/1) 
  • Back Smack Attack – Kill an Enemy Spartan from behind with a Melee Attack (0/1)
  • Wargames Warrior – Kill Enemy Spartans (0/10) 
  • Banshee Bomber – Kill Enemy Spartans with the Banshee’s Fuel Rod Gun in PvP (0/5)
  • Mortar Minimizer – Destroy an Enemy Wraith in PvP (0/1)
  • Spread the Love – Kill Enemy Spartans with the Battle Rifle in PvP (0/15) 
  • Big Wheel Bully – Destroy Enemy Choppers in PvP (0/3)
  • Gaptacular – Knock an Enemy Spartan off the map with the Repulsor in PvP (0/1)
  • Noisemaker – Kill an Enemy Spartan with a Rocket Launcher in PvP (0/1) 
  • Wheelin’ Dealin’ Poultry Mealin’ – Win Any PvP Matches (0/3)
  • Chef’s Kiss – Kill an Enemy Spartan using a kinetic semi-auto or burst weapon with peak efficiency in PvP (0/1)
  • Flag Switching – Capture Enemy Flags in PvP (0/10)
  • Separation Anxiety – Kill Enemy Spartans by Sticking them with a Plasma Grenade or Spike Grenade in PvP (0/5)
  • Grapple-jack – Grapple to and Hijack Enemy Vehicles in PvP (0/3)
  • Autopilot Engaged – Kill an Enemy Driver of a moving vehicle with a Sniper Rifle in PvP (0/1)

Ultimate Challenges

When a player completes all their designated weekly challenges, an ultimate challenge will arise. This'll get you a special reward for your dedication. 343 offered an example of one of these challenges too:

Tactical Precision – Kill Enemy Spartans with a Headshot in PVP – (0/15) – “Rewards Abby Lime Sniper Rifle Coating.”

Challenge Swaps

'Challenge Swaps' allow you to switch out weekly challenges if you don't fancy it. You can only swap weeklies out for another challenge of the same difficulty tier, so don't expect to be able to exploit them for shortcuts.


XP Boosts

XP Boosts will double your XP for all challenges while it's active. At the moment, they last for 30 minutes, but this is subject to change.

They previously counted down while in menus and lobbies, but according to the Inside Infinite update, the team is looking at more ways they can tie the timers to in-game time rather than real time. This would be nice - it's super annoying to have to deal with time running out on XP tokens while sitting in a queue to actually start a game.

Single Reward Vectors

So, this is a strange thing mentioned in the update, but easily explained. Basically, 'Single Reward Vectors' is a fancy way of saying there's only one way of getting each reward. If a skin is available on the Season 2 Battle Pass, you won't be able to get it through a one-time purchase. If some brand crossover content requires you to buy a certain brand of pasta sauce to unlock a new cosmetic, this cosmetic can only be obtained through the vector of pasta sauce. Basically, it keeps things straightforward and only gives you one method for each goodie.

Here's a list they provided on the different ways you'll be able to unlock new items and customisation options:

  • Ultimate Rewards
  • Battle Pass rewards
  • Fracture events
  • Seasonal events (give us Easter Bunny Master Chief please)
  • Promotional products/items
  • Skill rankings
  • Game Pass perks
  • In-game store
  • Halo Infinite Campaign mode

That's all for our rundown on the Halo Infinite progression system! How about you have a look at all the info we've put out there about Halo Infinite vehicles while you wait to get your hands on it, or maybe treat yourself to some exciting reading about the Halo Infinite PC specs!