Halo Infinite: How To Kill An Enemy Spartan With A Shade Turret

Halo Infinite has a number of weekly challenges for ranking up quick and a difficult one this week is 'Kill an Enemy Spartan with a Shade Turret'.

Many players are confused about how to complete this objective, due to the limited availability of Shade Turrets across multiplayer maps. We've laid out an easy way to complete the challenge and where to find these turrets.

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Halo Infinite: How To Kill An Enemy Spartan With A Shade Turret

Unfortunately, there is only one Shade Turret in Halo Infinite and it can only be found on one map: Deadlock. This is one of the bigger maps so it should come up when playing the Big Team Battle mode.

The turret is a red, circular figure that is illuminated by purple and blue lights. The Shade Turret occupies one circular platform and is located near one of the main spawn areas on Deadlock.

When in contact, use the Shade Turret and keep shooting until you eliminate your opponent - this will mark the completion of the objective.

You can find the gun's exact location and how to complete the challenge through the video below (via Sigma Halo):

Aside from completing the challenge, the turret itself is highly powerful and is capable of inflicting major damage against foes. Other weapons like the CQS48 Bulldog and the Ravager also pack a serious kick - you can find out more details about the guns in our full list of Halo Infinite's weapons.

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