Halo Infinite: How to Use Bulldog CQS48

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Wondering how to use the Halo Infinite Bulldog? The pump-action shotgun is a new addition to Halo Infinite, and while it packs a hefty punch, using it takes a bit more planning than you might think. The Bulldog CQS48 shreds enemy shields and armor alike, but there are some caveats to using this monster of a gun.

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Bulldog CQS48 Basics

  • Type: Shotgun
  • Ammo type: Kinetic
  • Zoom: Yes
  • Ammo: 7-round mags
  • Secondary Shot: No

Halo Infinite Bulldog CQS48 Location

The Bulldog doesn't spawn on every map. You'll find it on:

  • Bazaar
  • Streets
  • Fragmentation
  • HighPower
  • Live Fire
  • Launch Site

As with any weapon in Halo Infinite, you can also go under the "Academy" tab and complete the training challenges for the Bulldog. We highly recommend these, as you'll get a solid feel for how the weapon performs in a variety of situations you'll likely encounter in actual matches.

The Bulldog shotgun in Halo Infinite, viewed in the weapon bench customization center.
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How to Use the Bulldog in Halo Infinite

The Bulldog is pretty much what you'd expect from a shotgun. It works best at close range, with devastating impact. You can drop an enemy Spartan's shields in one or two shots, then defeat them with the next hit. However, the Bulldog suffers at mid- and long-range, where you'll need up to all seven rounds in a magazine just to deplete enemy shields.

You'll also want to keep an eye on your aim with the Bulldog. Like most shotguns, the spread with each shot means accuracy isn't its strongest point. You'll want to aim more carefully than usual, especially if you're firing more than one round. Bulldog has strong recoil, and you'll automatically aim higher than intended after each shot.


The Bulldog is technically a kinetic weapon, which means it's best used after shields are down, but that doesn't matter much if you're up close. Just shoot with the Bulldog until your foe goes down.

If you have another weapon, such as a plasma weapon or the Commando, use those to drop your opponent's shields, then switch to the Bulldog, get close, and finish the job.

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