Are Assassinations in Halo Infinite?

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Halo Infinite assassinations were on the chopping block earlier in the year, as 343 Industries questioned how useful they actually were to players. Now the multiplayer mode has entered its beta release, many fans are wondering whether assassinations are in Halo Infinite now.

Assassination in Halo Infinite is the act of sneaking into an enemy while doing a melee attack from behind. This was common and even popular in other Halo games, but there's one key factor keeping them out of Halo Infinite.


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Does Halo Infinite Have Assassinations?

Unfortunately, there are no assassinations in Halo Infinite, at least not yet. 343 is standing by what it said over the summer. Most players turned the assassination feature off, so they believed there was no point in keeping it in if no one was going to use it. However, the development team is keeping an open mind on the matter and may include it as an optional feature later on.

Players still have the opportunity to instakill with a melee attack from behind, in what is called a 'Back Smack'.


There's no shortage of other ways to defeat enemy Spartans, though that doesn't mean every weapon is the same. Our best weapons guide points out which ones you should head for first once a match starts. Hijacking vehicles is always a good idea and can turn the match in your favour quickly. You might even get a Steaktacular if you play your cards right. It won't earn you any credits, though. Those take real money.

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