Halo Infinite: How To EMP Vehicles

Halo Infinite has a multitude of hidden gameplay features, one of which includes the ability to stun all vehicles with EMP weapons.

This mechanic is super useful in suppressing them in intense situations and even if you want to hijack automobiles. Here's the best way to issue EMP stuns on vehicles.

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Halo Infinite: How To EMP Vehicles

An EMP blast can be initiated on every vehicle in Halo Infinite and there are several weapons and equipment you can use to bring about this effect:

These weapons are built on electrical and plasma ammunition and should be launched directly at the target. You'll know when the automobile is fully EMP'd when a light blue glow surrounds it.

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You can continue your assault on the enemies in the vehicle, or you can potentially hijack it and launch the opponent out. But be warned that even though the vehicle will no longer move, the weapons/turrets attached are still functional, so take extra precautions when approaching them.

EMPs are an overlooked feature, useful in protecting yourself from vehicular mayhem and is sure to be a beloved feature. Halo Infinite's equipment also plays a big part; some of the most fun ones include Active Camo and the Repulsor.

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