Halo Infinite: How To Use Active Camo

Halo Infinite's Multiplayer is live in beta mode. Starting off with the Heroes of Reach Battle Pass, Spartans have access to tons of snazzy gear and skins.

Though it's only been out for a short time, Active Camo has emerged as one of the shooter's most powerful features. The cloaking ability is handy in initiating a surprise attack on your enemies without being seen.

We break down what Active Camo is, how you can get the invisibility cloak in-game, and how to make the most out of it.

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Active Camo Explained

Active Camo is an ability that turns you almost invisible. The power-up has appeared in numerous Halo instalments, most popular in Halo 3. When activated, the cloaking device will mask your appearance on enemy radars, allowing you to traverse maps indiscretion.

You can see the power-up in action below (via u/FLy1nRabBit).

Active Camo isn't a 100% invisibility cloak, however as it will leave glowing trails in walks. Additionally, jumping, sprinting rapidly and shooting will reveal your location on enemy radars.

It's still pretty sneaky when you're being careful with it. On numerous occasions, we've been able to walk right up to someone's face without them realising.

How To Get Active Camo

Rather than activating immediately like before, Active Camo now acts as an ability that you can initiate at your will. The power-up is a rare ability that appears at certain times during a game. Once available, it can be collected from pick-up points across the map. Active Camo will be illuminated by an orange light as it floats above the point.

After being picked up, you can initiate the ability by pressing 'RB' (on default controls). Unfortunately, the ability doesn't have infinite duration, so it will last approximately 30 seconds once active. Be warned that if you don't use the power-up and you are killed by an opponent, the ability will drop and can be picked up by anyone on the field.

Best Ways To Use Active Camo

Active Camo is more powerful than in previous Halo instalments. More discreet, you'll want to use the feature to eliminate opponents from behind with a back smack. To do so, stay away from hot zones or areas of heavy gunfire as you'll end up being in the middle of that action. Instead, stick to the outskirts of maps where activity is low and initiate your route to enemy territories using these routes.

A Spartan soldier running with a gun.
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You'll want to maintain discretion at all times. That's why you should try and refrain from sprinting, jumping, or shooting while cloaked. Doing so will give away your position to enemies on their radars, stopping any plan of a sneak attack.

Active Camo is also useful in escaping intense situations where you're pinned down. Keep your trigger finger close to the RB button and you can use the ability to hide from oncoming assaults. Then you can attack them when their guard is down.

Spartan is carrying a flag in the Capture the Flag game mode.
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Active Camo is one of the most beloved power-ups throughout the Halo franchise and it has made an impressive return to form in Halo Infinite. There's plenty more to discover about Active Camo so keep an eye on this page for new details. If you're a little confused about how to progress in Halo Infinite, check out our Ranking System breakdown.

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