16 Jun 2021 1:32 PM +00:00

How To Get Vehicles In Halo: Infinite

Halo: Infinite might not have been the highlight of E3, especially after that awesome Nintendo show, but the game is looking a lot better after the initial reveal gave fans mixed reactions and the focus on multiplayer has gotten plenty of attention.

The ongoing Halo: Infinite Flight Test has given fans a lot to be excited for and we’re curious to see how this game does when it’s finally out in the wild, supposedly later this year.

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How To Get Vehicles In Halo: Infinite

It seems like a lot of fans are curious about some of the more classic elements since many are curious about how to use Vehicles in Halo: Infinite, even though the game isn’t out yet.

Fans who are taking part in the Flight Test have confirmed that there are indeed vehicles, though using them in Halo: Infinite is a little different from previous games.

Unlike previous Halo games, where the Vehicles are strategically placed on the map, Halo: Infinite will have a Pelican drop a Vehicle.


No, it’s not an actual Pelican like in real life but a ship from the Halo universe that will be dropping one of the game’s many Vehicles, which adds a bit of random chaos to the proceedings.

We’re sure some fans would have preferred having vehicles in the game’s maps like previous Halo games but this could make things a lot more interesting.

Currently, there is no proper release date for Halo: Infinite, though 343 Industries did state that the game would be coming out later this year for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X.