All Halo Infinite Vehicles List - Multiplayer and Campaign

Halo Infinite has received a whole lot of attention since its multiplayer launch, and we're constantly getting a lot more info about the game. One thing we've been enjoying a whole lot is getting back in the classic Halo Infinite vehicles and riding into battle with the wind in our smooth green helmets. The Halo Infinite Campaign has all manner of vehicles to trundle around in too, so everyone will get their own chance to cause havoc.

Here's a full list of all the Halo Infinite vehicles - we're even putting together some information on how to complete the vehicle-specific challenges in the game!

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All Halo Infinite Vehicles

Here's a handy list of all confirmed vehicles in Halo Infinite:

  • Banshee
  • Chopper
  • Condor
  • Ghost
  • M12B Warthog
  • M15 Razorback
  • M290 Mongoose
  • M808C Scorpion
  • Pelican
  • Phantom
  • AV-29 Wasp
  • Wraith

It's an ever-growing list mind, so keep your eyes out for other options! Keep reading for more details on each of the aforementioned vehicles.


The Halo Infinite Pelican flies.
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Credit: 343 Industries

The Pelican is a UNSC favourite. A stalwart for over a century, it's been the dropship of choice for both troops and vehicles. The Pelican is what you'll be looking at up in the sky when awaiting your other vehicles' airdrops! Be sure to tip your pilot.

M12B Warthog

A Halo Infinite Warthog vehicle with a gunner firing shots.
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Credit: 343 Industries

Ah, the Warthog. This four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle is another classic of the Halo franchise, bringing speed and death to all who face it since the Combat Evolved days. It's just as great to use here, with a gunner seat, solid handling, and a surprising amount of pace.

AV-29 Wasp

The AV-29 Wasp is a VTOL aircraft of the UNSC. They're fast to produce and easy to maintain, making them great to use as gunships in Halo Infinite. There's only room for one in there though, so don't think you'll be trundling pals back to your base in this thing.

If you're struggling with the specific Wasp-related challenge on Halo Infinite, not to worry! We have a guide on how to get a kill with the Wasp's chaingun.


A Halo Infinite Condor flies near a sun
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Credit: 343 Industries

A long-range transport vehicle that looks very similar to the Pelican, the Condor is a bit chunkier, known to fans as 'Fat Pelican'. It's no slouch, and the differentiator for the Condor is that it possesses an FTL drive.

M15 Razorback

Brand new for Halo Infinite, the Razorback was designed as an offshoot of the Warthog. It can be a no-frills transport or host a gunner passenger depending on the model.

M290 Mongoose

The Halo Infinite Mongoose, it looks like a quadbike.
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Credit: 343 Industries

We all love the Mongoose. Its full name is M290 All-Terrain Vehicle, but we're on nickname terms at this point. This one is designed for transport, so grab your buddies and hop on your way.

M808C Scorpion

The Halo Infinite Scorpion vehicle. It's basically a tank.
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Credit: 343 Industries

If you're looking for something a little more heavy-duty, here's what you'll want. It's a tank, basically. As standard, you'll have a smooth-bore cannon weapon in addition to a machine gun to deal with infantry. It's a lot to handle and is best tackled with a squad in tow.


A Banshee vehicle from Halo Infinite flying around above.
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Credit: 343 Industries

The Banshee is a classic assault aircraft used by the Covenant. You'll have two different weapons and a whole lot of mobility, so the best Banshee pilots will absolutely dominate the skies.


A close-up photo of the Halo Infinite chopper vehicle.
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Credit: 343 Industries

It's not a helicopter. The Chopper in Halo Infinite is a whole different beast, and not just because it's a ground vehicle. The driver sits at the back of the vehicle, protected from enemy fire, and has access to two autocannons to play with. They're hefty, and can heavily damage Warthogs and the like by ramming into them too.


A picture of the Halo Infinite Phantom vehicle
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Credit: 343 Industries

The Phantom is a dropship in a similar vein to the Pelican. It can carry whole squads of infantry across long distances, making them vital in the Covenant's war effort.


A picture of the Halo Infinite Ghost vehicle.
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Credit: 343 Industries

Why do all Covenant vehicles have such eerie names? The Ghost is a small attack vehicle, capable of holding a single rider. They're popular and extremely useful in battle both for relocating and charging objectives.


The Halo Infinite Wraith with no one driving it.
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Credit: 343 Industries

The Wraith is a Covenant tank vehicle. They're heavily armoured, able to fire an arcing plasma gun and have the potential to turn the tide of battle with just a few well-placed blasts. What a treat.

How To Get Vehicles In Halo Infinite

In Halo Infinite multiplayer, you find vehicles dotted around the map at designated spawn points. If the vehicle isn't present but is outlined in translucent blue, it's not quite ready to collect just yet.

With Halo Infinite's release date almost here, we're ready for what the full game and its updates have to offer. In the meantime, we have all the info on the best Halo Infinite guns you could ever want, as well as what we know about the Halo Infinite Battle Pass.

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