Halo Infinite: How To Hijack Vehicles

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Halo Infinite marks the return of vehicles in multiplayer! The complete list of vehicles consists of cars, hoverbikes, tanks, and much more. If your opponent is in one though, they have the upper hand until you learn how to hijack them.

When commanding a vehicle, Spartans usually gain a strong advantage on the battlefield due to the dominant firepower they are capable of inflicting. But, you can fast and furiously turn the table and sweep these automobiles from under them.


Here are several ways you can hijack enemy-manned wagons.

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EMP Blasts

An EMP blast on vehicles stops them from moving. This allows you to approach the automobile and throw your opponents out GTA-style.

A ship is flying towards another ship.
Credit: Microsoft

When the vehicle is fully EMP-ed, a light blue glow will surround it. Be warned that even though it will no longer move, the weapons are still functional, so be cautious when approaching them.

A range of weapons and equipment can inflict EMP damage:

Grappling Hook

The grappling hook lets out your inner Spider-Man, allowing you to swing around the map with fluency. The item is also useful for attaching to vehicles, mainly aerial ones like the Banshee and Phantom.


Immediately after grappling, you can chuck out your enemy. You can see the hook in action below (via u/Karate-Labi).


The Repulsor is a powerful tool, capable of releasing an impactful blast. While you can find out more details on the item in our Repulsor breakdown, the mechanic can be used to forcefully push over vehicles.


When nearby an automobile, presumably a grounded one, initiate the Repulsor to push away enemy vehicles. If you're lucky, you might topple it on its side or upside-down, forcing your opponents to be ejected. Then, you can overtake the vehicle and even eliminate the enemy in the process.

Four Spartans dressed in different colour armour: orange, grey, blue, and white.
Credit: Microsoft

There are a number of ways to hijack enemy vehicles, so we'll keep updating all our Halo Infinite guides with more tips and tricks. In the meantime, why not check out our guide on how to rank up fast in Halo Infinite, or figure out what the best Halo Infinite guns are?