Halo Infinite: How To Use The Repulsor

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Halo Infinite has a flurry of powerful items, one of which includes Active Camo. With the sequel's first big event, Fracture, on the way; you'll want to brush on more of Halo Infinite's best abilities. The Repulsor is an essential one you'll run into fairly frequently.

The Repulsor is one of the mechanics you should look out for. Extremely impactful, the Repulsor is like the Force from Star Wars, with its ability to push away enemies and vehicles. This makes it highly useful in escaping intense situations and getting ridiculously silly kills.


We delve deeper into the Repulsor and lay out a few tips and tricks on how to make the most out of it.

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What Is The Repulsor?

The Repulsor is an equipment item capable of pushing back enemy grenades and equipment. When triggered, your Spartan will Infinity Gauntlet their fist and deflect rockets and explosive projectiles back towards your opponent.


That's not all, as the Repulsor also sends out a blast capable of pushing enemy soldiers and vehicles back. You can see the item in action below (via y/JuicemanJames).

How Do You Get The Repulsor?

The Repulsor can be picked up around the map. Illuminated by blue light, the item floats above various pick-up points. Luckily, the Repulsor can be used whenever you see fit, unlike previous Halo iterations where certain abilities were immediately used on the spot.


Be warned that there is a finite amount of times you can use the equipment, as shown by the number attached to your item slot.

Repulsor icon and ammo showing 3 left.
Credit: JuicemanJames
The Repulsor's ammo and its icon is shown on the right.

Best Ways To Use The Repulsor

There's an infinite number of ways to use the Repulsor, one of which includes combining it with grenades. As shown below (via u/LambDawg), you can deflect your own grenades onto enemies with full force using the Repulsor. Not only is it highly impactful, but it also makes for some nice trick shots too.


With the mechanic's ability to push other players, you could initiate the item when on ledges or near the end of maps, allowing you to push your foes off and to their doom. This also works in overwhelming situations involving many vehicles - initiating the Repulsor would push these vehicles, allowing you to make a quick getaway.

The Repulsor is one of the most overpowered items in the sci-fi shooter. Dominant and adaptable, the equipment is useful in both assault and defence. The Repulsor marks one of many additions to Halo Infinite; another includes the new ranking system. For more on how to progress, check out our complete Halo Infinite Ranking System breakdown.