Halo Infinite Bazaar Map Callouts and Weapon Locations

An overview of the Market area of Halo Infinite's Bazaar map.
Credit: 343 Industries

An overview of the Market area of Halo Infinite's Bazaar map.
Credit: 343 Industries

Guaranteeing victory in Halo Infinite is all about getting your callouts right. When you're in a squad with friends, it's vital to get to know the maps as well as you can. This should help you communicate better with your teammates to help spot and kill off enemies.

So, here's a handy interactive map for Bazaar, including all the callouts, weapon locations, and power-ups. We reckon it's a pretty handy tool to have, so bookmark it and load us up whenever you jump into a game on Bazaar!

Halo Infinite Bazaar Interactive Map

Here's the full interactive map of Bazaar in Halo Infinite. You can easily zoom in and out of it to find the specific locations you'll need to access to take down enemy Spartans. Huge thanks to our pals over at MapGenie for that!

Bazaar Map Callouts

Unlike Aquarius, Bazaar isn't quite as simple to navigate. It can get tough to figure out where you are in relation to the rest of the area since the walls aren't painted in quite as blatant a colour-coded fashion. There are certain things to keep track of though, and unique bits and pieces that differentiate the West and East sides of the map (as well as a bit of colouring).

Firstly, if you're around the Market area, you can look up at the bridge areas. There's a giant sign that blares out 'WEST MARKET' on the West side, so if you can't see that, you're looking eastward.

A view across the Bazaar map in Halo Infinite at the sign that says WEST MARKET.
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343 Industries

Some bits are harder to tell apart. Thankfully, there's a touch of colour coding to think of, although the callouts aren't as easy to remember.

Library looks very similar to Lockers, so if the different angles and wall hanging in Library aren't enough to help you out, remember that Library has yellow walls. This is one way to figure out the callouts to go for throughout the map too.

Where there aren't clearly different landmarks (Palm Tree vs Antenna), the East is yellow and West is blue. The trimming on the wall is the best way to tell this apart.

Bazaar Weapon Locations

In ranked modes, you'll see the same weapons in the same spots across the map, rather than the mix-and-match version on quick play, so keep that in mind when using the map.

Regardless, you should familiarise yourself with the best Halo Infinite weapons if you fancy maximising your score on Bazaar.

The top guns to look out for on Bazaar are the Mangler and the VK78 Commando and Battle Rifle. They're versatile and usable at close ranges, but can also be used when shooting across from the East to West Market Bridge (or vice versa).

That's all the Bazaar info you need for the moment! We'll have more when pro players start figuring out ridiculous flanks and tactics on the map though, and while you're at it why not check out more of our Halo Infinite guides? We have tips on how to rank up fast in Halo Infinite, as well as the lowdown on what's currently in the Halo Infinite store.

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