Guilty Gear Strive: What We Can Expect From Patch 1.08

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Arc System Works has recently confirmed the release of Jack O near the end of August. More than a new DLC, a new major patch is also confirmed to arriving on the same month. Here's what we can expect about the upcoming Guilty Gear Strive patch 1.08 this August.

An Equalizing Patch

Since the first few weeks of Guilty Gear Strive, many players have noticed that the top tier characters all have access to high damage combos on hit. Characters such as Sol Badguy, May, Chipp Zanuff, and Ramlethal Valentine all have means to immediately delete their foe once they land one hit in. These characters are also known to have reliable strengths which make their win conditions easier to satisfy than other characters. Guilty Gear Strive Akira Katano has confirmed that they'll be pushing to reduce the damage output of the strong characters of this game which could mean some nerfs are incoming for the top tiers of the game.


On the other end, the developers have also confirmed that they'll be working on improving underperforming characters and moves in the game. Potentially, the upcoming Patch 1.08 patch will be an equalizer patch which could level the playing field for most of the cast or even allow different characters to rise up as the new top tiers of the game.

Lastly, many Arc System Works fans have also noted that the developers often has oddball changes which could hit some of the underperforming characters in the game and add buffs to strong characters in the game. It'll be best to watch out for what the developers will change in the upcoming patch.

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New DLC Character, Jack O

By the end of the month, Jack O Valentine will be introduced in the game's roster as the 2nd DLC character added to Guilty Gear Strive, as part of the games season pass roadmap. This new character shows promise as she can summon servants to aid her or even used as thrown objects against her foes in battle. Arc System Works has only featured a few things of what she can do in matches as seen in the trailer.


We'll have to wait for the early access of her release to see if she'll be a new problem in the roster of Guilty Gear Strive.

1.08 Patch Release Date

As of now, Arc System Works has not pinned any dates on the official release of the patch 1.08 for Guilty Gear Strive. Potentially, this major patch 1.08 could coincide with the early access release of Jack O on August 27. The new patch is confirmed this August and Arc System Works has no record of going over their promised date.

For now, players will just have to wait and see the changes we'll get for Guilty Gear Strive soon.


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