Guilty Gear Strive Sol Badguy Guide: Beginners Tips, Move List & Best Combo

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In Guilty Gear Strive, many beginners are looking for a strong character to enjoy and learn the game with. The main character, Sol Badguy, is a perfect fit for people who want to get in and enjoy the game with minimal fuss.

So if you're looking for some extra help to get to grips with the character, here's our guide on how to play as Sol Badguy in Guilty Gear Strive. But first, let's learn a bit about him.


Who is Sol Badguy in Guilty Gear Strive?

As seen on the game's promotional material, Sol Badguy is one of the two characters seen on its posters and box art. Arc System Works designs its poster characters to be a beginner-friendly pick that doesn't require too know too much to play him strongly.

Sol is designed to be an all-arounder with an emphasis on having many options to unload massive damage on his foes. His special attacks also work well when used offensively and defensively. Lastly, his super attacks are also designed to finish combos with a ton of damage.

Overall, Sol offers players a chance to feel the game's high-octane fighting with his straightforward playstyle without a requirement to get too intimate in studying the game.

Sol Badguy Move List

Sol's moves are all designed to be basic and straightforward enough for beginners to use. On hit, Sol's special moves chunks enemy's health off them and hurts even more when players learn to link them together in a single combo. When played right, Sol's special moves actually allow him to extend his combos without the need for spending meter on Roman Cancels.

Now let's take a quick look at his move list written in Numpad Notation:

  • Gunflame - 236P
  • Gunflame(Feint) - 214P
  • Volcanic Viper - 623S or 623HS
  • Bandit Revolver - 236K
  • Bandit Bringer - 214K
  • Wild Throw - 623K
  • Night Raid Vortex - 214S
  • Fafnir - 41236HS
  • Tyrant Rave - 632146HS
  • Heavy Mob Cemetery - 214214HS

Sol Badguy Beginners Guide

When playing as a beginner Sol, the player's goal is to keep using his strong options to shut down their foe's actions and make them afraid of him. Fortunately, his standing Far Slash does this job well. This move is the one where he does a fast gut punch.

This punch is a strong option as it is hard to interrupt when used consecutively and aggressively moves Sol forward. Use this move a lot when Sol can reach the opponent.

Meanwhile, his special moves work similar to many basic characters from other characters like Street Fighter's Ryu and Ken. Sol's special attacks are basic, straightforward and effective while also teaching a beginner to learn the fundamentals of Guilty Gear.


Sol Badguy Tips To Get Better

While Sol Badguy is a strong pick, players will avoid becoming predictable. Sol's attacks are too effective for its own good that it can lull players to rely too much on its strength. His strong moves also have weaknesses that can be studied and can sweep many beginner Sol players that rely on repetitive patterns.

Make sure to change up your strong options and learn your defensive options to get your turn back to keep punching their gut. Learning Sol Badguy's basic combos also deals around 30% of their health at the minimum which makes it worth to learn even a 4-hit combo.

The Best Sol Badguy Combo In Guilty Gear Strive

If you're looking to make the maximum amount of damage, these are the combos you want to commit to memory:

2K 6S 236K - Sol Badguy's go-to bread and butter combo for corner carry. This combo is also possible if 2K is used as an anti-air

6S 236K - If 6S is used as a poke, Bandit Revolver (236K) can be used again for corner carry. For beginners, sending enemies to the corner is a good gameplan and narrows down the enemy's escape choices from your hard-hitting attacks.


(In corner) 5S->2HS->236P->6HS->236K Red Roman Cancel->close S->2HS->214K - This combo can deal up to 40%-50% of the enemy's HP and is a testament to Sol's damage potential. While this combo is not optimally built, it is enough to show a beginner how Sol Badguy becomes a problem when he lands a single hit.

For more combos, it'll be best to try out Sol Badguy's interaction with Roman Cancel. This character has always been built as an entry-level pick with a high potential in dealing up to 100% health damage with the right setups.

For the best damaging combos, it'll be optimal to touch on the Roman Cancel system to extend Sol's combos and generally just go wild on the enemy. On release, Sol Badguy is considered to a top tier character partly due to his solid options for both offense and defense and his high damage potential on clean hits and random confirms.