Guilty Gear Strive Ramlethal Valentine Guide: Beginners Tips, Move List & Best Combo

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Ramlethal Valentine is great pick for players who want it all in Guilty Gear Strive. She's one of the great characters to start with for players who want rushdown their foes while having great choices for long range fights. Here's how you can play Ramlethal Valentine as a beginner in Guilty Gear Strive.

Who is Ramlethal Valentine in Guilty Gear Strive?

In Guilty Gear's story, Ramlethal Valentine once threatened the world with annihilation but has since mellowed down after loving to find out more about her humanity. She currently resides with Ky Kiske's royal family in Illyria and still has some her powers despite getting injured in the previous Guilty Gear entry. During Sol Badguy's story mode, Ramlethal Valentine only appeared at the end credits with Ky Kiske's family.


Playstyle-wise, Ramlethal is designed to be another zoner similar to Axl Low in theory. However, her close range options are also reliable and her large swords work well when in near her foes. Despite to her consistency in both applying pressure through rushdown and zoning, Ramlethal is still simple to play which makes her great for beginners.

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Ramlethal Valentine Move List

Ramlethal's special attacks and supers is overloaded with great corner carry and damage potential. Getting hit with her Bajoneto sword throws will send foes hurtling toward the corner and will bounce them off. Most of her specials often lead into a meterless combo and even a wallbreak in the corner. Here's a look of her move list written in Numpad Notation:

  • Dauro - 623P
  • Erarlumo - 214P
  • Erarlumo (2nd hit) - During the first Erarlumo, 214P
  • Erarlumo (Final hit) - During the second Erarlumo ,214P
  • Sildo Detruo - 214K
  • Bajoneto - 236S or 236HS
  • Agresa Ordono - j.214S
  • Sabrobato - 214HS
  • Mortobato (Overdrive Reversal Super) - 236236S
  • Calvados (Overdrive Beam Super) - 632146HS
Ramlethal Valentine from Guilty Gear Strive

Ramlethal Valentine Beginners Guide

Playing Ramlethal requires getting used to playing around with her two large swords. During battle, Ramlethal can detach the swords from herself through the Bajoneto special move. Once leaving her, the swords will stay on the floor until she picks them up, forces them to return using a Overdrive super, or wait a long time until the swords slowly fly back to her. At best, Ramlethal is at her strongest when her swords are with her

While Ramlethal is disdvantaged when losing her swords, the Bajoneto throw special move is central to her beginner gameplay as it has massive corner carry. When Bajoneto sends foes to the corner, a wallbounce may happen which sets enemies for a followup combo for her second Bajoneto throw. Achieving this mostly secures a wallstick and an easy wallbreak for at least 50% health damage and Tension regeneration from the Positive Bonus rewarded for breaking walls.

Overall, Ramlethal Valentine often has access to massive snowball momentum at a snap when lands her Bajoneto combos. Moreover, these combos aren't too difficult to do but often require Ramlethal players to be proficient in juggling the enemies correctly if they want consistent wallbreaks.

Ramlethal Valentine from Guilty Gear Strive

Ramlethal Valentine Tips To Get Better

As a Ramlethal player, consistency and juggling people on the fly due to Bajoneto confirms often get you far. The massive reward from landing a good Bajoneto into the corner just takes almost half health from the enemy and even grants with Tension meter that she can use offensively or defensively depending on the matchup.

Even though you might be raring to go and try to combo every opponent into Bajoneto, it'll be best to get comfortable with her Slash and Heavy Slash buttons. Her standing and jumping Slash attacks are fast enough for a button that covers at least 25% of the screen. Meanwhile, her grounded Heavy Slash attacks are good followups when the Slash connects which leads into her Bajoneto special.

Lastly, be mindful that your Bajoneto sword throws must always secure a wallbounce and a wallstick combo at least. Losing her swords makes her one of the worst characters as she is easily outranged by literally everybody in the roster. Make sure to keep at least one sword if you lose one and use it as a threat while you find a way to get the other one back.

Ramlethal Valentine from Guilty Gear Strive

Best Ramlethal Valentine Combos

For beginners, combos are essential to bringing out Ramlethal Valentine's damage output. Here are some of the Bajoneto combos we've been talking about earlier.

  • close S>far S>5HS>236HS>run up far S>236S>Secure the wallbreak with any attack or Mortobato if you have 50 Tension
  • (when far from the wall) far S>5HS
  • 5K>6P>623P>Red Roman Cancel>any sequence that you think will bring the Bajoneto wallbounce to you
  • 5K>6P>623P>Red Roman Cancel>run-up 5K>214P>214P>214P

Ramlethal's combos can be simple but its applications can run deep. With the knowledge of her Bajoneto combos, practice them out in Training mode and have fun enjoying her strong options in getting that wallbreak bonus in matches.

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