Guilty Gear Strive May Guide: Beginners Tips, Move List & Best Combo

When hearing about Guilty Gear Strive, new players may hear about May's own brand of mayhem inside online lobbies. While the character herself is one of the good guys, many players are afraid of her for good reason. Here's how you can play as May and make your friends groan in Guilty Gear Strive.

Who is May in Guilty Gear Strive?

In the Guilty Gear Strive story, May is one of the Jellyfish Pirates and is known for her superhuman strength and Japanese lineage. Being Japanese in the world of Guilty Gear means that they can use Ki. Other popular Japanese characters in Guilty Gear is the Elegant Martial Dancer Anji Mito and the one-armed, eye-patched samurai Baiken.

While she is popular, she has yet to appear in the Guilty Gear Strive story mode and has not appeared during Sol Badguy's story mode. Playstyle-wise, she sports a high speed, high damage, massive attack range and a decent all-arounder in stats. Her well-rounded stats make her a strong pick for beginners who just wants to go wild and hit hard somehow.

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May Move List

So far, May's special moves may intimidate new players as she is a charge character filled with tools she can't readily rely on. Without knowing how to input how use her charge special moves, players may feel lacking when they play her. Nevertheless, May's deceptively swift and hard hitting normal attacks and agile speed can be enough to win her rounds. Here's what she can do, written in Numpad Notation, in the game:

  • Mr. Dolphin (Horizontal) - [4]6S or [4]6HS
  • Mr. Dolphin (Vertical) - [2]8S or [2]8HS
  • Overhead Kiss - 623K
  • Arisugawa Sparkle - 214P/214K
  • Great Yamada Attack (Overdrive Baleen Whale Super) - 236236S
  • The Wonderful and Dynamic Goshogawara (Overdrive Killer Whale Reversal Super) - 632146HS
May and her dolphin in Guilty Gear Strive
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May Beginners Guide

Even though this may sound ill-advised, always go wild and use your strongest options when playing as May. This character's strong options involve applying pressure with her Slash, Heavy Slash, and Mr. Dolphins. It'll be better to go wild using these options while discovering how to break guards with the right overhead and low attacks.

As of release, May has been a massive threat to many players due to how her strong tools are generally difficult to deal with for characters that cannot contest it easily. May is a good start if you just want to have a good time with friends and hit each other with the game's fastest high damage hits in Guilty Gear Strive.

May in Guilty Gear Strive
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Tips To Get Better With May

As a character, May excels in exerting rapid pressure and heavily punishes players who fail to punish her in time. May's normals and Mr. Dolphins can be stringed together at around mid-range to create a test of reflexes to the enemy. If done right, the enemy will get caught in a rapid pattern of counter hits and lose tons of health as May hits hard by default.

The enemy of May players is mostly complacency and predictability. Using the same pattern may open up the small gap that her rapid pressure has and the enemy return fire with their own lethal salvo of attacks. Make sure to start varying your timing and usage of normals and Mr. Dolphins to keep your enemies on their toes.

Or ignore everything I say and just keep swinging. Victory is not assured through this tactic but letting your mind go and just keep pressing buttons without a goal is a liberating exercise and May is the best character to do this.

May in Guilty Gear Strive
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Best May Combos

As a May player, some matches may end with opponents losing all their health in an attempt to escape her pressure. Nevertheless, she needs combos to deal the maximum hurt and end her rounds cleanly. Here are a few you can try out:

  • close S>2HS>2[8]HS>4[6]S
  • 5P>5P>3K
  • 2K>2D
  • While walking backward, far S>4[6]S

Once you got these combos down pat, players can aim to stay consistent to use her strong tools into seizing sure victory or abandon all rational decision making and use all her options to open up her foe's defenses in unusual ways.

Nevertheless, feel proud that you made a good choice in the game as you can enjoy her up until Arc System Works nerfs her down.

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