Guilty Gear Strive Chipp Zanuff Guide: Beginners Tips, Move List & Best Combo

Chipp Zanuff is the resident ninja character in Guilty Gear Strive. He's known for his lightning fast attacks and movement during fights. Here's how to play the speediest character in Guilty Gear Strive's roster.

Who is Chipp Zanuff in Guilty Gear Strive?

During the Guilty Gear Strive story, Chipp Zanuff is among the allies of Sol Badguy in tracking down the main villains of the story. Zanuff shows up early with Anji Mito as they track down previous Guilty Gear villains such as Asuka R Kreutz as to prevent them from ruining an upcoming summit between three major nations in the Guilty Gear universe.

Playstyle-wise, Chipp Zanuff is arguably the fastest character in the roster. Zanuff has the fastest run in the game and is the only character who can triple jump and run on walls. He also has faster attacks compared to the rest of the cast which is his best advantage.

However, his fatal flaw is he has the worst defense in the game and most of the cast can knock him out cold with a few good combos if they ever catch him.

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Chipp Zanuff Move List

Similar to Sol and Ky, Chipp Zanuff sports an all-arounder kit but geared toward mixing opponent's block up and moving rapidly across the screen. While Chipp can be considered as an all-arounder character, he lacks a good projectile but has no problem approaching due to his immense speed.

Here's a quick look at his move list written in Numpad Notation:

  • Alpha Blade (Horizontal) - 236P (Air OK)
  • Alpha Blade (Vertical) - 236K (Air OK)
  • Beta Blade - 623S (Air OK)
  • Gamma Blade - 236HS
  • Resshou - 236S
  • Rokusai - After Resshou, 236S
  • Senshuu - After Resshou or Rokusai, 236S or 236K
  • Genrouzan - 63214S
  • Shuriken - In mid-air, 214P
  • Wall Run - Hold Forward when near the corner
  • Wall Run Attack - Any attack button except Dust during Wall Run, Chipp stays running on wall
  • Escape - Back or Down during Wall Run to cancel it.

Chipp Zanuff Beginners Guide

Looking at Chipp's strengths and weaknesses, beginner players who want to start playing as him may need to take up a daredevil playstyle to get anywhere with him. Due to his fragile defense, Chipp is always at the risk of losing a round when the opponent manages to land at least two good combos on him.

Once this mindset is adopted, be free to use Chipp's superior movement options against the rest of the cast to confuse them in matches. Stay mobile but avoid getting predictable to avoid getting hit.

Chipp's arsenal is full of fast options which lead into good damage when strung together in combos. Additionally, his special moves are designed to punish enemies who easily get confused and has options to counter predictable punishes and escapes from his pressure.

Chipp Zanuff Tips To Get Better

When playing as Chipp, play as bold as you possibly can in an attempt to open up the opponent's defense. Chipp must succeed in opening up the opponent's defense if he wants the round last longer than 10 seconds. If not, opponents will take advantage of their freedom to launch their own offense which Chipp will die from if it hits.

For defense, it is best to move and position yourself away from bad situations and block only when a situation is entirely unavoidable. The bold playstyle will help you see the pressure patterns that are likely to kill Chipp fast and try to avoid them next time. If feeling cheeky, Chipp can use Beta Blade to contest attacks

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Chipp Zanuff Combos

For his combos, most of Chipp's offense revolves around using his Slash attacks particularly close Slash and crouching Slash. Chipp's Close Slash is too fast for a Slash attack and is reliable when used up close as it tends to win against enemies who play to reactively. Meanwhile, Chipp's crouching Slash is also a strong option as it has a rare combo link to crouching Heavy Slash even when whiffed. For his weak defense, Chipp is blessed with normals that allow him to bypass defense if he plays his offensive options right.

Here are some of his combos that a beginner can do:

  • 5K>2K>2D
  • close S>2S>2HS>236K
  • close S>2S>2HS>236S>236S
  • 2S>2HS>632146HS (Requires 50 Tension)
  • close S>far S>5HS>236236K (Requires 50 Tension)
  • j.2K>2K>2D

Learning Chipp's combos may require its player to press a bit more faster due to his quicker attacks. Nevertheless, learning Chipp's harder combos can help you secure rounds faster to close down any chances of your opponent stealing it from you.

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