Vampire Survivors secret characters - Full list and how to unlock Missingno

How to unlock secret characters in Vampire Survivors

How to unlock secret characters in Vampire Survivors

Now that you have the game, you may be looking for all the latest Vampire Survivors secret characters. With the 1.0 update approaching, now's the time to get all caught up with the early access content. This is everything you need to know, alongside the difference between secret characters and unlockable ones.

As Vampire Survivors has tonnes of different ways of unlocking things, there's some confusion about how it all works. We go over the secret characters and link to our cheats page to unlock them, whilst also going over all the characters you can unlock through play.

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All Vampire Survivors secret characters

The vampire Survivors secrets characters are those you have to play to earn through various means. Once you've met their unlock parameters, you'll see them available in the shop to unlock.

You can see a full list of Vampire Survivors secret characters below and how to earn them:

  • Ambrojoe - Kill 6000 Stage Killer or Elite Stage Killer enemies (found in Cappella Magna)
  • Antonio - Unlocked by default
  • Arca - Get the Fire Wand to level four
  • Cavallo - Kill 3000 Lion Heads
  • Christine - Get Pentagram to level seven
  • Clerici - Recover 1000 HP over all runs
  • Concetta - Open coffin in Gallo Tower
  • Divano - Get the Crimson Shroud (combining Metaglio Left and Metaglio Right)
  • Dommario - Get 5000 coins in one run
  • Gallo - Obtain the Infinite Corridor (combination of Clock Lancet, Silver Ring, and Gold Ring)
  • Gennaro - Unlocked by default (bought from the store)
  • Giovanna - Open coffin in Inlaid Library
  • Imelda - Unlocked by default (bought from the store)
  • Krochi - Defeat a total of 100,000 enemies over all runs
  • Lama - Survive 20 minutes with an active curse
  • Mortaccio - Kill 3000 Skeletons
  • O'Sole - Kill 3000 Dragon Shrimps
  • Pasqualina - Unlocked by default (bought from the store)
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  • Poe - Get the garlic to level seven
  • Poppea - Open coffin in Dairy Plant
  • Porta - Get the Lightning Ring to level four
  • Pugnala - Open coffin in Mad Forest
  • Ramba - Kill 3000 Milk Elementals
  • Sigma - Complete all entries in the collection
  • Zi'Assunta - Open coffin in Cappella Magna

Expect a bunch of new Vampire Survivors characters to drop with the 1.0 update in late October.

Vampire Survivors secret characters

Though you don't unlock them in the traditional way, there are a handful of secret characters unlocked through cheat codes. You can read all about them in our Vampire Survivors cheat codes piece.

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