Vampire Survivors evolution chart - All evolutions and how to evolve weapons

Vampire Survivors Evolution - how to evolve weapons
April 21, 2023: We have checked over all the Vampire Survivors evolutions.

If you're looking for all the latest information on Vampire Survivors evolutions, here's everything we know so far. Being some of the most important items in the game, you want to figure out what they are early on and earn them as quickly as possible.

As well as going over what the Vampire Survivors evolution system is, how it works, and how to unlock Vampire Survivors weapon evolutions, we're also going to go over gifts and unions as we;;. They're quite similar to evolutions but may take you a little longer to find.

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Vampire Survivors evolution chart - How to evolve weapons like Santa Water and Song of Mana

Whip + Hollow Heart
Bloody Tear
Magic Wand + Empty Tome
Holy Wand
Knife + Bracer
Thousand Edge
Axe + Candelabrador
Death Spiral
Cross + Clover
Heaven Sword
King Bible + Spellbinder
Unholy Vespers
Fire Wand + Spinach
Garlic + Pummarola
Soul Eater
Santa Water + Attractorb
La Borra
Runetracer + Armor
Lightning Ring + Duplicator
Thunder Loop
Pentagram + Crown
Gorgeous Moon
Gatti Amari + Stone Mask
Vicious Hunger
Song of Mana + Skull O'Maniac
Shadow Pinion + Wings
Valkyrie Turner
Clock Lancet + Silver Ring + Gold Ring
Infinite Corridor
Laurel + Metaglio Left + Metaglio Right
Crimson Shroud
Flames of Misspell + Torrona's Box
Ashes of Muspell
Silver Wind + Max level Pummarola
Festive Winds
Four Season + Max level Spinach + Max Level Candelabrador
Godai Shuffle
Summon Night + Max Level Duplicator
Echo Night
Mirage Robe + Max Level Attractorb
Night Sword + Max Level Stone Mask
Mille Bolee Blue + Max Level Spellbinder
Boo Boo Boolle
SpellString + SpellStream + SpellStrike
Eskizzibur + Max Level Armor
Flash Arrow + Max Level Bracer + Max Level Clover
Prismatic Missile + Max Level Crown
Shadow Servant + Max Level Skull O'Maniac

A Vampire Survivors weapon evolution is essentially two items combined into one. It's how you upgrade your standard weapons and items into more potent powers used to survive later waves.

They tend to fuse one passive item with one weapon to make a brand new weapon that replaces the old one, giving you a boost over power and freeing up slots to help you grow even more.

The first twelve in the Vampire Survivors evolution chart can be made from items you unlock early into the game, but the later ones take a little while longer.

How to unlock Giovanna Grana and Gatti Amari

Gatti Amari is Giovanna Grana starting weapon and can be used by anyone after surviving 15 minutes with her. You unlock her by finding the coffin in Inlaid Library.

How to unlock Poppea Pecorina and Song of Mana

Song of Mana is Poppea Pecorina's starting weapon and can be used by anyone after lasting 15 minutes. You can get her by opening the coffin in Dairy Plant

How to unlock Concetta Caciotta and Shadow Pinion

The Shadow Pinion is the starting weapon of Concetta Caciotta and can be unlocked the same way as the last two. She can be found in the coffin in Gallo Tower.

The rings and Metaglio's can only be found after you locate the Yellow Sign in Holy Forbidden. You will unlock this simply by progressing the game.

Vampire Survivors evolution challenges.
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Vampire Survivors unions - How to make Fuwalafuwaloo, Phieraggi, and Vandalier

Phiera Der Tuphello + Eight the Sparrow + Tiragisú
Peachone + Ebony Wings
Vento Sacro + Bloody Tear

Unions are like evolutions but combine slightly different items, like multiple weapons with an item or two weapons into a single weapon. Just like weapon evolutions, they're paramount to your survival as you go deeper into the game.

To get Phieraggi, your best way is by picking Pugnala Provola: who can have both weapons from the start. If you haven't unlocked them yet, you'll find them in the Mad Forest coffin.

Vampire Survivors gifts - How to make Sole Solution

Victory Sword + Torrona's Box
Sole Solution

One last fusion you can do is for the Sole Solution Vampire Survivors gift. It's the only one that requires fusing, but it's probably the last one you'll get before the 1.0 update.

To get Sole Solution, you need Victory Sword, which is the automatic weapon of Queen Sigma: generally the last character you can unlock.

After that, you need Torrona's Box. To do that, you need to hold six weapon evolutions at the same time. Just pick six weapons first, and only add compatible passive items. You should unlock this naturally as you play.

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