HoloCure mobile: Release date speculation and how to play

HoloCure Mobile Release Date Speculation, information and more

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May 26, 2023: Here is everything we know about the mobile release date of HoloCure.

In such a short time, HoloCure has really managed to take off. If you want to play the game on the go, our HoloCure Mobile Release Date speculation may give you some insight.

As you may guess, going without an official confirmation leaves lots of room for interpretation. This all being said, the demand for a HoloCure mobile release has been acknowledged and one can assume that the team are thinking about it. Hopefully, we can see some more information on it sometime soon.

In the meantime, if you're playing the game. here's what we know about the HoloCure Idol Song or HoloCure special attacks. If you're looking for more weapons, here's our complete HoloCure weapons list.

HoloCure Mobile Release Date Speculation

As of right now, there are no plans for a HoloCure mobile version or app. It seems the team are just too busy working on updating the game for the one platform it's already available on: Windows.

Even MacOS and Linux support is only being considered for after the game is in a better state in terms of content. and getting it running on macOS and Linux devices. It seems it will come after that. On the Itch page, they said:

This game is currently for Windows PC only. We may look into macOS and linux some time in the future, but not any time soon. Our small team wants to focus on new content and bugfixing first and foremost at this time.
There are no plans for a mobile version.

This all being said, the team's acknowledgement of a mobile release means that they know how popular it is becoming. It seems likely that we could see a mobile release by the start of 2023.

The game has received tonnes of downloads so the team may try and put more resources into it, to get it out there a little quicker. Hopefully, we'll see something more concrete soon.

HoloCure Mobile Release Date
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How to Play HoloCure Mobile

Though HoloCure Mobile isn't something you can just go and download from your app store of choice, that's not to say you can't get some version of HoloCure Mobile running yourself.

Steam offers a pretty decent alternative, especially with remote play or a Steam Deck.

First, make sure you have Steam installed and the game downloaded. From here, extract HoloCure into a file destination you will remember. It may get lost in your downloads folder if it's crowded in there, so the Quick Access tab might be worth a try.

After this is done, boot up Steam and click on the "Games" tab at the top of the page. Click the option that says "Add a non-Steam game to my library". Search for your game in your files and add it to the section. Open it and it should be automatically added to your Steam account.

If you boot up from big picture mode or go into settings, you can make a custom controller layout, meaning you can now use it with a controller: more on that in our HoloCure controller support guide.

This works particularly well for remote play via the Steam Deck even if you're not running Windows natively on the machine. If you are, you can just follow the same steps in the guide above. The Steam Deck is basically a Windows PC at that point.

So, if you have a Bluetooth or wired controller you can use with your phone, running the game through Steam via a computer or laptop and using Steam's Remote Play features can let you essentially make your own HoloCure Mobile app. And if you have something like a Razer Kishi or Backbone controller, you'll turn your phone into a miniature Steam Deck as well: so long as Remote Play is nice a stable for you.

It's not a native HoloCure Mobile app, but it's a good workaround for a few problems, even if it's not perfect. Hopefully, we'll see more details on a mobile release sometime soon.

For now, here are some extra details on playing HoloCure on Steam. If this isn't your thing, maybe our Holocure Ina build guide or HoloCure tier list will be.

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