HoloCure Ina build - The best Ninomae Inanis loadout

HoloCure Ina Build Guide

HoloCure Ina Build Guide
April 27, 2023: We have checked over our HoloCure Ina build guide.

If you're not paying attention, HoloCure can be a bit of a hectic game. With so many enemies, items and weapons to keep track of, you may need to think about your strategy before you rush ahead or zone out. If you're looking for help, our Holocure Ina build guide should be all that you need to craft the perfect Ninomae Inanis loadout.

As you might anticipate, this will give some general tips on how to play her and what weapons go best with her. The game really rewards creativity so make sure to play around with it and invest in whatever works for you. Use this as a base to figure out your playstyle.

While you're here, you may benefit from looking at our HoloCure tier list. If this isn't your thing, here's how to aim in weapons in HoloCure and a complete HoloCure weapons list for all you collectors out there who can't stand to see an unfinished grid.

The Best HoloCure Ina Build

  • The Ancient One
  • The Void
  • Cult
  • Spider Cooking
  • BL Fujoshi
  • The Nurse's Horns

Ina is an interesting character, favouring a strong eldritch style. She has decent speed but manages to add to a DPS-style setup surprisingly well. If you know what you're doing, she can end up incredibly powerful.

In fact, she's virtually unstoppable with the right build in the current update. We weren't lying when we said it's an invincible HoloCure Ina build. Given how much of the game is automated with the right weapons and items, players are even having to resort to using cheats to kill their own Ina just to put a stop to an Endless run and claim their prizes.

It's something we expect will get patched out eventually, but for now, it's a great way to farm just about every unlock in the game.

HoloCure Ina Build Guide
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How to Play Ina in HoloCure

Ina has a very wide range in her starting attack. Once you point it in a direction, you can pull your character in a different direction to hit even more people with her tentacles. With her increased speed, this swipe becomes even more effective.

Ina can use her tentacle and special ability to take out most things early on with relative ease. This is, unfortunately, where she is at her worst.

You need to survive a little while, mostly using her increased speed, until you are a high enough level to start throwing back serious damage. You can read all about how to use HoloCure special attacks right here.

What Are the Best HoloCure Ina Weapons and Items

Every single one of Ina's special abilities are useful. The Ancient One can be a nice source of HP, whilst also cutting down the hordes.

The Void, and its ability to slow down enemies, works perfectly with Ina's heightened speed. This makes her a very slippy character, capable of weaving around most enemies.

Cult, at max level, gives you up to 100% extra damage, depending on how many enemies are nearby.

After all of these, Spider Cooking is a worthwhile investment, creating an AOE aura attack. As well as these, the BL book is a great addition that leaves you regularly protected. If possible, pick up the Psycho Axe to collab the BL Book into BL Fujoshi, a much stronger projectile constantly floating around.

As far as Items are concerned, you want to focus on higher damage and healing. The Nurse's Horns gives you health regen based on kills. Late-game, you will have a high kill count, meaning constant healing. Essentially, the more damage you do, the more effective this becomes.

Level up all these skills, alongside a little extra health, and you should be able to get your way up into the high rounds.

How to Kill Inu During an Endless Run

If you're struggling to exit an endless run with Inu in HoloCure, the community has seemingly figured out a way. Given the Yagoo method won't cut it, this thread on using Cheat Engine to set your health to a negative will get you there.

If you want to know how to unlock the Cutting Board weapon or how the HoloCure Armory works, we have guides for those as well. As the game continues to grow, we'll have a lot more to say as well. This isn't the only build guide we're looking at.

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