How to aim in HoloCure - Weapons, items, and specials explained

Swarms of enemies approaching in HoloCure.

Swarms of enemies approaching in HoloCure.
May 26, 2023: This is what we know about aiming in HoloCure.

HoloCure has arrived on the scene as a free download, and like the games it's inspired by, it's taken the gaming space by storm: at least in the circles already nestled deep in the HoloLive fanbase. When you first drop in, though, just knowing how to aim in HoloCure can be a struggle. It's not clear, and attempting to fix it will only confuse you more.

For the crowd just getting into HoloCure via Ironmouse's recent livestream, we've got everything you need to know to get started down below. We'll predominantly be covering how to aim in HoloCure, but we'll hit up a few linked subjects at the same time.

And for more on the roguelite fan game, we've got you covered. If you're wondering how to download HoloCure, click that link. We've even put together guides on the HoloCure Collabs, HoloCure Weapons, and the upcoming HoloCure update. You'll want to read that one just to figure out how to update your game.

How Do I Aim in HoloCure? - How to Aim in HoloCure

If you've jumped into HoloCure already and struggled to fend off the dozens of enemies on screen, you've probably blamed the whole ordeal on the fact that you can't figure out how to aim in HoloCure.

Well, we hate to break it to you, but that's by design: you can't aim in HoloCure. Not right now, at least. There's no aim keybind in HoloCure, and without it, you won't ever be able to fire your shots where you please.

Aiming in HoloCure.
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You only need to look at the character select screen to learn this. Each character unlocked from the start will include aim details like "in front" or "horizontal only" in the details beneath their portrait. Whether they use a melee weapon, a gun, a scythe, or even a tentacle, you can't aim in HoloCure - you hit what's in front of you.

For reference, here's how the character select screen covers it:

  • Amelia Watson
    • Shoots three projectiles forward. Horizontal only.
  • Gawr Gura
    • Mid ranged stab attack in front.
  • Ninomae Inanis
    • A tentacle shoots out in front.
  • Phoenix Sword
    • Short ranged slash in front.
  • Mori Calliope
    • Swings in a half circle arc in front

There are six other characters to unlock beyond the starting five, but you can bet they all work in similar ways.

You can't aim in HoloCure, so you have to take on your opponents with that in mind and position yourself accordingly. You have to face them to hit them with you main weapon, but any unlocks and upgrades you get along the way can help offset that limitation.

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How to Aim HoloCure Items, Weapons, and Specials

If, for example, you're faced with waves of enemies coming at you from above and below, you'll likely scream with frustration for not being able to aim in HoloCure.

But it's certainly by design. To get through these little checks unscathed, you need to rely on any piece of equipment other than your primary weapon. Items, weapons, and specials you've picked up along the way can all make a hole in these cruel walls to let you pass. You just have to hope you've picked one up.

Like your primary weapon, though, you don't get a say in where these items go. Be it a BL Book or a bomb, they come out in set intervals, dropping where you stood or just circling your character.

With enough strategic movement, though, you'll be able to position them in a great spot or time them well enough to blow a hole in whatever wall threatens your run.

On the other hand, Specials can be timed right down the button press. They're a little more complicated, though, so we've put a dedicated HoloCure Specials guide together for that.

And that's that. Hopefully now you'll be able to accept the fact that aiming in HoloCure just isn't possible in the same way you'd expect from games like The Binding of Isaac or other top-down action RPGs.

We'll have more on HoloCure soon, but until then, our Anime Adventures codes guide and Anime Adventures tier list could get you starting in an anime Roblox that might one day add Vtuber characters as well. You never know!

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