HoloCure patch notes - Release date, changes, and how to update

The HoloCure main menu character.

The HoloCure main menu character.

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April 29, 2023: We're expecting a HoloCure update at some point soon so have checked over our information.

A big HoloCure update is finally here and that comes with tonnes of information to learn. From the HoloCure update release date to its undoubtedly dense patch notes, we're going to run through everything we know about it already, what we think we know, and what we will see with the next update.

HoloCure has only been around for a hot minute now, but if the popularity of similar games like Vampire Survivors has taught us anything, it's that the format makes for games that can be updated with heaps of new content in record time. We're expected the game's next major patch to set the scene for many more.

For more on HoloCure, check out what we know about HoloCure collabs. If you haven't started your journey in this roguelite game already, you'll want to know what they are before you make a fatal mistake.

The next HoloCure update

It seems like the next update won't come out this year. The team are working hard on a new update but with the end of the year and the Holiday on the way, a big update will have to happen next year.

We'll update you right here as soon as more information comes out.

HoloCure Patch Notes

Though we don't have an official patch notes page right now, we do have a good idea of what you can find in the latest update. As well as adding tonnes of new characters, a new map has been added to the game, alongside a new difficulty mode. We can expect it to fix some problems players have been facing too.

This update is all about adding some replayability to a game thousands already love. If we get something more official, we'll update you here.

What was in the last update

From the little snippet we got on July 11, we already knew a fair bit about what the HoloCure update includes.

New Map

From the teaser tweet, you'll notice that what they're playing on is an entirely new map. It's a cute little office space with multiple tables, desks with workstations, bookcases, a couch that just peers down a long path, and a bunch of fox friends to fend off.

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New VTuber

From the comments, we're pretty sure we're looking at Fubuki being the next new HoloCure character. She can be seen attacking with a white and black wolf tail.

New Coin Mechanic (Speculation)

A keen-eyed commenter on the July 11 tweet noticed that whoever was playing the game when the Fubuki screenshot was taken had already managed to collect 700 coins only 30 seconds into the run.

Any current HoloCure player will know that that's virtually impossible, potentially suggesting a new way to gather up coins could arrive with the next HoloCure update.

Speculating that you could gain access to coins from a previous run when the update drops, the most likely scenario with this one is the 700 coins simply being part of the debugging stage usually used to test new content during video game development. Until we know for sure, it's best not to think about it.

A word on HoloCure auto-patchers.
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How Do I Update HoloCure? - How to Get HoloCure Patches

The devs brought in a new system that allows you to automatically update your game. Just go onto the page and find the HoloCure launcher. It should save all of your data whilst updating the game.

And that's all there is to say on the HoloCure update. We'll have more on this game real soon. For now, though, consider checking out our Anime Adventurest tier list and matching Anime Adventures codes page if you're at all into Roblox.

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