HoloCure collabs - All weapon combinations

Image of the player attacking enemies in HoloCure.

Image of the player attacking enemies in HoloCure.
April 26, 2023: This is everything we know about the HoloCure collabs

Looking to learn more about HoloCure collabs? To unlock the very best weapons in this fanmade roguelite based around Hololive Vtubers, you'll need to craft special weapons using existing items to lay waste to waves of enemies.

In this HoloCure guide, we'll run through everything you need to learn about the collabs mechanic. This involves a breakdown of each of the eight collab weapons currently in the game, alongside a look at how you craft these incredible items, and whether more will arrive down the line, in future updates.

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HoloCure collabs weapons list

Weapon name
Required items
Elite Lava Bucket + Psycho Axe
Drops of lava hit the ground to cause area damage
Light Beam
Glowstick + Fan Beam
Spinning light blades sweep across the screen
Breathe-In Type Asacoco
Holo Bomb + Plug Type Asacoco
Icy spikes protrude from your character's current direction
BL Fujoshi
BL Book + Psycho Axe
Spinning BL force field to damage nearby enemies
Elite Cooking
Elite Lava Bucket + Spider Cooking
Spawns puddles of poison across the map
Flattening Board
Holo Bomb + Cutting Board
Slams chopping boards down onto incoming enemies
Idol Concert
Glowstick + Idol Song
Fires spinning glowsticks and musical notes to damage enemies
Dragon Fire
Plug Type Asacoco + Fan Beam
Spurts beams of fire towards your current direction
Broken Dream
Spider Cooking + CEO's Tears
A bubble shield that slows and hurts targets
Rap Dog
X-Potato + Idol Song
Does damage and makes enemies take 15% more damage
Stream of Tears
CEO's Tears + Fan Beam
Huge spray of damage
Frozen Sea
BL Book + Wamy Water
Waves of damagevthat slows enemies

See the table above for a description of each eight HoloCure collab weapons in the game. They all have blistering damage boosts, though the best so far appears to be Dragon Fire with its astounding bursts of flame that'll wipe the floor with any opponent.

Each of the HoloCure collabs seems to be tailored to a specific playstyle. If you prefer moving more defensively, the BL Fujoshi collab will produce a force field to keep you completely safe. If you're constantly on the offensive, the cascading chopping boards of the Flattening Board will more than do the trick. It's a nice and versatile system.

The upgrade view of HoloCure Collabs from the main menu.
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How do I craft HoloCure collabs?

As hinted at earlier, you have to be a pretty advanced HoloCure player to craft a collab weapon.

To start, each of the two crafting items will need to be at level seven before you can get started. That's no easy feat: you have to find each weapon within the map at the start of a round.

As a roguelite, you don't pick a loadout beforehand, so finding the weapons and levelling them up early is crucial.

Once you have the required weapons and have them nice and powered up, you'll need to collect a golden anvil. This only spawns after you've killed a fair amount of enemies, where it might just drop from the body of a felled foe.

To update your HoloCure collabs, simply collect it, equip the golden anvil, and drag the two constituent items together.

What are HoloCure collabs?

HoloCure collabs are special weapons compiled by crafting together two items in your inventory. Generally speaking, these tend to be a regular weapon such as an axe, combined with a magical buff item to give the weapon that competitive edge.

If you want to get the best weapons possible in this action-heavy roguelite, you'll need a good grasp on all the various collabs. However, you'll need to be a very advanced player to even get the chance, because you can only activate a collab on a level seven weapon. That means a lot of grinding.

Will there be more HoloCure collabs?

At the time of writing, it's hard to say whether more collab weapons will arrive in HoloCure down the line. The eight existing ones are powerful, and as such the developer Kay Yu could easily decide that adding any more could spoil the weapon balance.

The game's website doesn't list any plans for more collabs in future updates, but it's something that you can never rule out. There are few things more fun in a challenging roguelite than unlocking a super-powerful weapon to lay waste to enemies. As such, the demand for more collabs will surely always be there.

That's it for our look at HoloCure collabs! While you're here, feel free to check out the latest Genshin Impact codes.

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