HoloCure download - How to play and install

Holocure Download - How To Play and Install

Holocure Download - How To Play and Install
April 26, 2023: The HoloCure Twitter has been updated for the first time in a while. It seems likely we will get an update soon.

HoloCure is a brand new "Vampire Survivors" style game with HoloLive characters. If you're looking to know about the HoloCure Download information, this is what you should know.

If you're having problems with the game or just don't know where the link is, this is everything you need to know. As you might expect, the game is very new so there are bound to be some problems. These will be fixed with time but, maybe, we can help you out first.

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How do I find the HoloCure download?

If you want to play HoloCure for yourself, you can do so by simply clicking on this link. This will send you to the creator's Itch account. On this page, they give you a rundown of what the game is about, what you can expect to see and much more. They will also go over previous updates and what has changed.

Holocure Download - How To Play and Install
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From here, scroll to the bottom of the page to find a Download tab. It will give you a zip file with the game in. Extract it to somewhere memorable, go into the folders and open the .exe file. This will start up the game. There is no controller support right now so you will have to use your keyboard.

Troubleshooting HoloCure

If the game won't open for some reason or some problem is getting in the way, you are best of trying to redownload it. There's a chance you have a slightly outdated version of the game or some problem is popping up that has already been fixed.

Keep an eye on the game and wait for confirmation of a new update, then get the new version installed. There's a chance you have exported the file into the wrong place or have misplaced part of it so a fresh install is always a good option.

Will HoloCure come to mobile?

On the official Itch page, the team share some updates about the game and its future. They said:

"You are not able to share save files between devices. The save file you create on one PC will only work for that PC."
"This game is currently for Windows PC only. We may look into macOS and linux some time in the future, but not any time soon. Our small team wants to focus on new content and bugfixing first and foremost at this time."
"There are no plans for a mobile version."

Though only the last part has anything to do with a mobile port, the entire thing is worth keeping an eye on. It's only a very small team working on the game right now so you may have to wait quite a while for them to release it elsewhere. If it continues to be a success, we could eventually see a mobile port but we just don't know yet.

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