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Image of a music note combat sequence in HoloCure.

Image of a music note combat sequence in HoloCure.
April 26, 2023: We anticipate a new HoloCure update soon so we have checked over our information.

Need some guidance when it comes to HoloCure weapons? There are currently ten different combat items available in this Vtuber-inspired roguelite, and you'll want to have a pretty good grasp on them all before you head into battle.

In this HoloCure guide, we'll break down and explain each of the ten HoloCure weapons currently available. We'll also pick a few choices of which are best, while also exploring how to upgrade weapons in-game to make them even better.

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All HoloCure weapons

Weapon Name
How to Unlock
Spider Cooking
Spawns at the start of a round
Creates a small circle of poison that damages opponents in the radius
Elite Lava Bucket
Spawns at the start of a round
Shoots pools of lava at enemies
Holo Bomb
Spawns at the start of a round
Throws time-delayed bombs across the battlefield
Psycho Axe
Spawns at the start of a round
Swinging axes in the radius of the player
Cutting Board
Play more than ten minutes as Ina in a round
Sends three chopping boards at right-angles towards enemies
Plug Type Asacoco
Spawns at the start of a round
Sends small worms shooting in diagonal trajectories
Spawns at the start of a round
Fires light sticks that spin around to attack enemies
Idol Song
Play more than ten minutes as IRyS in a round
Blasts musical notes that can damage nearby enemies
BL Book
Spawns at the start of a round
Creates a forcefield of spinning books
Fan Beam
Defeat Fubzilla
Shoots horizontal beams within the centre of the screen
Pistol Shot
Play as Amelia
Shoots three bullets ahead of you
Trident Thrust
Play as Gawr Gura
Sends a stabbing motion forwards
Summon Tentacle
Play as Ninomae Ina'nis
Shoots a tentacle ahead of you
Phoenix Sword
Play as Takanashi Kiara
Sends a sword to the short range ahead of you
Scythe Swing
Play as Calliope Mori
Performs a 180-degree slashing motion
Play Dice
Play as Hakos Baelz
Rolls a die, with damage corresponding to the number it lands on
Clock Hands
Play as Ouro Kronil
Attacks forward with the long hand, and in a random direction with the short hand
Nature Shield
Play as Ceres Fauna
Shoots three leaves that fire as projectiles
Bird Feather
Play as Nanashi Mumei
Shoots feathers in a spiral around the player
Play as Tsukumo Sana
Conjures a planet that damages enemies in its orbit
Nephilim Blast
Play as IRyS.
Shoots light and dark projectiles

See the table above for our breakdown of all the weapons available in HoloCure. As you'll be able to see, not all of them are immediately accessible right off the bat. While most roguelites will let you scour the open map for weapons as soon as you start, a few of the best HoloCure weapons require you to either beat bosses or level up your character.

Equally, there are a few extra weapons only accessible through collabs, where you use high-level crafting mechanics to create an even more powerful weapon. To learn about all the HoloCure collabs and how they work, check out our dedicated guide.

What are the best HoloCure weapons?

A lot of it depends on how you play HoloCure, but there are a few weapons that stand above the rest. Chief of all is Elite Lava Bucket, which shoots our spurts of lava to do melee damage and environmental damage to enemies. Alongside other useful moves like Psycho Axe and Lightstick, which do strong radius damage, you'll easily build up an affinity for these strong HoloCure weapons.

holocure weapons
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How do I upgrade HoloCure weapons?

The only issue you may have with upgrading HoloCure weapons is just hard it is to upgrade them. Unlike most combat-heavy games, there aren't ways to spend credits on upgrades between rounds. Instead, weapons upgrade automatically as you use them in-game.

Therefore, if you find the Psycho Axe early on, for example, it'll level up nicely as you use it against enemies. Each weapon has seven levels, each granting its own boost. Those range from general damage buffs to more projectiles fired per turn.

As such, the more you use a weapon in-game, the faster you can level it up to make it even more effective against mobs. In that sense, the game rewards you for choosing a weapon at the start of a match and sticking with it throughout.

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