How to get the Cutting Board in HoloCure

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Ninomae Ina'nis without the HoloCure Cutting Board.
February 2, 2023: We have checked for more information

HoloCure contains dozens of weapons, items, collabs (item fusions), and a bunch of other ways to take down the waves of enemies flung at you every second. One of these is rare and powerful meme weapon that everyone wants, and our guide on how to get the Cutting Board in HoloCure will break down how you can add this iconic weapon to your collection.


In case you're not already aware, HoloCure is a fan-made game in the same vein as Vampire Survivors. In it, you select one of five base HoloLive characters to control and use weapons, specials, and items to defeat waves of enemies, unlocking power ups and coins used to acquire more characters.

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How to Get the HoloCure Cutting Board

The HoloCure Cutting Board weapon is one you'll either unlock accidentally or through the exact method you're meant to take. It has a very specific unlock requirement, but it's not tricky to obtain once you know how.


To unlock the Cutting Board in HoloCure, you just need to survive for at least ten minutes as Ninomae Ina'nis - the girl with the Summon Tentacle skill. You can do this in either Endless or Stage modes so long as you hit the time limit. Once the run ends, you'll unlock it whether you win or lose.

By combining the Cutting Board with the Holo Bomb with an Anvil, you'll create the Flattening Board Collab weapon.

One of the characters with the boosted HoloCure Cutting Board skill.

What Does the Cutting Board do in HoloCure?

Level Effect
Level OneCreates a wall that damages enemies behind you. The size and damage of the projectiles depends on the equipped character.
Level TwoIncreases the size of the Cutting Board's projectiles by 30 percent.
Level ThreeIncreases the damage of the projectiles by 30 percent.
Level FourThe projeciles travel further.
Level FiveIncreased the damage of the projectiles by 50 percent.
Level SixFires projectiles 0.5s faster.
Level Seven (MAX)Projectiles now fire from both sides as well as behind.

When equipped, the HoloCure Cutting Board protects your back by firing out projectiles in the opposite direction that you're facing, dealing damage and knocking opponents back.


Once it's upgraded to level seven (its max) it fires projectiles above and below your character as well. It'll never fire in front of you, so don't expect it to.

HoloCure Cutting Board Lore

The HoloSure Cutting Board is a reference to the habit of teasing HoloLive characters based on the size of their chest. The "flat" or "board"-like chests of characters like Gawr Gura and Ninomae Ina'nis.


The game's own Wiki page states that Uruha Rushia would "often threw tantrums on stream when her chest was discussed," which would become a running joke throughout the community.

Because of its connection, "flat" characters in the game (Gawr Gura and Ninomae Ina'nis) get a natural buff to the Cutting Board when equipped, making its projectiles 30 percent larger and 30 percent more powerful than with any other character in the game so far.

If you're enjoying HoloCure, be sure to read up on the upcoming HoloCure update release date. If they add the autopatcher with that update, it'll be the last time you'll need to manually download the game to patch it.